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A plugin to add ribbons and tags to ClassiPress ads.
Ribbons supported: SOLD, FREE, AskMe, Featured, Discount.
Tags supported: NEW, USED.

The settings you can change:
– ribbons position
– ribbons colors
– ribbons opacity
– tags colors


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When is the sold ribbon is displayed ?

When an ad is marked as sold.

When is the free ribbon is displayed ?

When an ad price field is 0 (not empty).

When is the AskMe ribbon is displayed ?

When an ad price field is empty (not 0).

What is the USED tag ?

The idea for the USED tag is to tag ads of second hand items.
In the settings page you choose which ad tag is connected with USED tag
and then add this tag to all second hand items.

How to use the discount ribbon ?

1. Add new classipress custom field ‘Discount’ and choose type ‘text box’.
2. Edit the form layout you want and add the discount field.

Users can now edit their ads and write a number in the discount field to show a discount ribbon.

1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Configure in ClassiPress->Ribbons


Please visit the dedicated support forum.


  • Add support for cp4
    • Featured ribbon is disabled in cp4 as there is already a built-in one.


  • Fix another issue working with ACF plugin


  • Fix translation not being loaded


  • Add opacity option for ribbons
  • Fix working with ACF plugin enabled


  • Add appthemes id


  • Not to show new tag for sold ads


  • add discount ribbon
  • bug fixes


  • add featured ribbon settings
  • added check boxes which ribbons to enable


  • fix rtl position for tags to left
  • update he translation


  • fixed the new tag not showing for a few hours on some setups


  • fix changing bgcolor for tags


  • add tags (new, used)


  • fix ribbon width not wrapping the ad fully


  • update the defaults ribbons style


  • first


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