Commission Junction Publisher

Jump start your Clipper coupon site with coupon and promotional data from CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), the number one affiliate marketer in the world. Thousands of advertisers post coupons and promotions on the CJ network and now you can have this data imported to your Clipper site. No more complicated CSV imports! The CJ Publisher Plugin does all the work for you.


  • Import coupons from joined advertisers and non-joined advertisers
  • Automatically create stores or define store relations
  • Automatically create categories or define category relations
  • Import coupons on demand or schedule hourly, twice daily or daily updates
  • Define number of coupons to import
  • Choose from promotion types: Coupons, Sweepstakes, Hot Product, Sale/Discount, Free Shipping, Seasonal Link


  • You must have a CJ Affiliate publisher account. Sign up for a free account at
  • The CJ Affiliate Publisher Plugin requires Clipper 1.4 or newer.
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What themes does this work with?

Commission Junction Publisher will only work with Clipper (our WordPress coupon theme), version 1.4 or later.

Full install instructions can be found in the Commission Junction plugin tutorial.

Please visit the dedicated support forum.

Version 1.6

  • Updated plugin to support recent CJ API authorization changes.
    It is now required for you to create Access Token and use it instead of Developer Key.
    You must also enter your CJ Account ID in the settings so you can import coupons.
  • Added Spanish translation

Version 1.5

  • Fixed inability to import new coupons due to recent CJ API change
  • Fixed Stores Relations not saving after page 1
  • Coupon code is now imported too

Version 1.4

  • Added pagination to stores relations tab
  • Added validating terms before returning relation
  • Fixed setting stores relations for not joined merchants

Version 1.3

  • Added displaying API response errors
  • Added displaying quantity of imported coupons

Version 1.2

  • Changed API keys test into manual, on user demand
  • Clearing dynamic transients on plugin deactivation

Version 1.1

  • Checking for coupons all possible result pages
  • Added option to choose state of imported coupons
  • Added API keys test and notice if keys are invalid
  • Suppressed XML parse errors
  • Removed unnecessary query args from admin settings page

Version 1.0

  • Initial release

4 reviews of “Commission Junction Publisher

2.5 stars
Needs improvement
By -

This plugin does okay… It does what it asked to do automatically.. just not too good. My main concerns are as follows:

– In CJ, almost all coupons have an image. this plugin does not include those images. I doubt also purchasing the coupon image plugin would do this either
– Many times I find that the store URL does not include my affiliate link and has to be manually added. If its not there, it defaults to just the regular link without my affiliate link
– Most things are not considered coupons but promotions even if it has a coupon code in the text. But I am assuming that has more to do with how the company classifies the promo

It really has saved me time and made me some money. I just feel like the plugin could do a better job.

3 stars
OK plugin
By -

It seems to work ok but there are very few coupons on the site.

5 stars
By -

Great plugin, if you want an easy way to build your coupon site. This is it!

2 stars
Commission Junction Publisher plugin review
By -

This plugin is ok, seems to work. However, there is still a lot of additional manual tweaking required to get coupons right. I don’t think this tool is adding much value, as it only works for one Affiliate program. I’ve only managed to get about 100 coupons added from CJ, and that’s after applying to hundreds of merchandisers – and most of these have missing or bad data, including missing images, coupon codes, inadequate descriptions.
Perhaps if it interfaced to a broader selection of Affiliate programs, and resulted in a better quality coupon, it may be worth paying for.

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 Comments (92)

  • shmall

    Will there be one for LinkShare as well?

    • meloniq

      Probably yes, it’s planned, but release date not yet set.

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  • Abhishek

    Is this plugin is available for 1.3 version because i have clipper 1.3 version not 1.4….

  • Michael


    I would like a Pepperjam, Linkshare, Shareasale and Avantlink versions of this also πŸ˜‰ hehe

    • meloniq

      It’s planned, and should be available in close future, but release date not yet set.

      Anonymous likes this.
  • Michael

    It looks like it imports the start and expire date as it shows in the example. Is correct?

    • meloniq

      Plugin imports expire date, start date is the date of adding coupon.

      • Michael

        Thank you for the update. Sometimes around Black Friday and other times they send deals/coupons that will be active a couple days away to have a script release when the time comes. Will this mod just wait until the valid start date to submit.

  • Michael

    There should be an admin function on the main page of ‘admin duties’ of how many coupons/offers that have coupon codes that are NOT in the ‘value’ field. That way to run, go through to fix them to help your conversions while pleasing the user hehe

  • David

    Hi There!
    This is just an amazing plugin and something that I’m looking for, but I do have a pre-sale question.
    Do I have to have all stores and categories set up first before installing plugin? Or does the plugin simply just display coupon codes & sales without regards to stores and categories.
    I hope I’m making sense. I just don’t want my site I want to create to be a big ol mess πŸ™‚

    • meloniq

      On plugin settings page you find options like ‘Create Categories’ and ‘Create Stores’, if both checked, upon importing of coupons it will automatically create categories and stores in your Clipper site – no need to create them manually and set relations, plugin will take care about it.

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      • David

        Thank you so much for such a fast answer!
        So, now I guess I need to go and get approved for all of the stores to make commissions! lol

  • David

    I posted a pre-sale question with this plugin and the clipper theme. I’m hoping someone can help me answer them πŸ™‚

  • weblaunches

    Is it possible to try this plugin out because I tried the Coupilia plugin and all it did was screw my entire site up. =(

    • David

      Well, I don’t think Coupillia is meant to setup stores and categories like the plugin is able to…at least that’s what I’ve kind of learned through my research. Though, I would love to know the answer. Coupillia is meant to deliver codes and stuff to your site, this plugin delivers deals, sales & codes to your site and will setup everything for you. Again…from what I know.

    • staff

      @weblaunches, we don’t have trial versions of our products, however the difference between the other plugin and this plugin is that this one is created by AppThemes for our own theme, Clipper. We have less control over a third party product than we do here. Thanks.

      weblaunches likes this.
  • Michael

    I am not sure what is wrong with this plugin but it only has imported coupons/offers twice on its own and manual says it imports with nothing there. Does it require something special.

    • staff

      @Michael, we’ll be happy to have a look at the problem if you could please post a thread in the AppThemes forums, where we provide all support for the plugin here. Thanks.

  • Rob

    Is the cost for this plugin just the $29? I see similar plugins that take a percentage of your commissions as well. Does this do the same thing, or is it truly just a flat fee of $29?

  • nexmessage

    last update was on Sep 19, 2013 but the version is still 1.0, did you update this plugin?

  • Michawl

    Please fix this plug-in ASAP =) I went circles testing with it not importing. Please fix before Christmas (just kidding)

  • traderbaz

    Guys i have been sitting here and creating about 20 CJ dev API and all it keeps telling me is that your DEV API is incorect !!!!
    can someone explain ??

    COPY AND PASTE : is simple but it seems not to work here ??????

  • RDL

    I have some newbie questions:
    1) Commission Junction imported coupon are only english speaking or E-shop coupons or are there some European language one as french or spanish?
    2) Can I choose the import language and country domain site coupon ?
    3) How can I find example of coupon proposed by the plugin ?
    4) Can I prepare a daily automatic import to feed my coupon site ?
    5) How about the money, do you have a short explanation on how the commissions arrive on my bank account ?

    Thanks for your answers;

    • meloniq

      re.1&2. There is option to filter coupons by language like French or Spanish
      re.3. Coupons imported by plugins will be listed together with usual Clipper coupons, you can see them all in WP->Coupons
      re.4. Yes, you can set ‘Hourly’, ‘Twice Daily’ or ‘Daily’ event to import coupons automaticaly
      re.5. Please read informations on CJ website, AppThemes is not an intermediary, don’t take any commission fee, and not making your payouts.

  • dwnl67

    Could you please take a look at my website since the plugin doesn’t work at all. I have tried 2 days and it kept telling me my Token invalid.

  • Mike

    If I use multiple plugins like this, will each plugin recreate each store and relationships? I am worried I will end up duplicate stores.

    Should I even consider more than one plugin?

    I am not using your linkshare plugin and it works but I have to keep refreshing the linkshare settings page to get the coupons. Is this a bug or caching issue?

  • Aleksandar


    Can i buy LinkShare Publisher and Commission Junction Publisher plugin and use it both?

    I will buy Clipper theme and few plugins from your site (5 or 6) in next 2 or 3 days and i need to know can i use both plugins on my website without problems (double coupon codes etc.).

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • osamaweb


    I want to purchase the plugin, but I see many issues and problems in the forum from other members who purchase it.
    Now is the plugin is working correctly and do the job in the right way, I need to confirm before purchasing it.

    Waiting you.

  • jatmedia

    I am joined to over 100 programs in CJ. I would like to only import the advertiser’s coupons I select. (1-4)

    How do I do that?

    • meloniq

      Please disable ‘Create Stores’ option, go to ‘Stores Relations’ tab, and create relations for stores which you would like to feed from, other stores will be ommited during import.

  • tariqali

    Does it import offers with coupons only or all offers?
    What status is given to coupons once they are imported? Is there an easy way to go through the list and make modifications before publishing?


    • meloniq

      You can choose what to import from promotion types: Coupons, Sweepstakes, Hot Product, Sale/Discount, Free Shipping, Seasonal Link. All of them will be assigned to Promotion coupon type in Clipper due to limitations of CJ API. You can disable Immediate Publish option in CJ plugin, and you will be able to review and edit each coupon before publishing on your site.

  • Eston Swaby

    Can you explain store and category relationship? What if i am using icodes will the category cause any proble, or any other datafeee or network?
    For all the different promotional types, are all of them coupon codes or some of them is deals? Which menu would you put these under, eg coupons or deals?
    Do i have to join the adevertisers to be able to work with all of them? If i don’t join the advertisers how will i earn commission from them? Viglinks or skimlinks?

    Can i set it up that coupons go under coupons menu, sweepstakes under sweepstakes etc?

    • meloniq

      Stores & Categories relations is kind of bridge/translation between Clipper categories and affiliate network categories, so the plugin know where to add each coupon on your site. Example: Coupons from CJ category “Auto” should be imported into Clipper category “Cars”.

      In CJ plugin all promotional types are imported under “Promotion” coupon type in Clipper due to limitations of CJ api.

      Yes, you need to join advertisers in order to receive commission.

  • Eston Swaby

    What if I had used icodes to import a coupon or deal but then using cj plugin import eg sweepstakes but its the same coupon/deal as in icodes, only that icodes just put them in eg coupons menu or eg apparel category. does clipper have a system to detect duplicate coupons and then notify me where I can delete the deplicate?

    • meloniq

      In that case no, it will not prevent from duplicate coupons, because as I explained to you in LinkShare comments, iCodes using different identification numbers for coupons.

  • Eston Swaby

    Okay can you guys create plugins for other networks please and datafeed sites like prosperent and datafeedr please? Networks like amazonn etc

  • Eston Swaby

    In your new version for both cj and linkshare can you set it up that under promotiln/deals we can create categories eg Christmas coupons etc and also make all regular coupon codes thats not a deal go into coupons category please?

  • Andy Martin

    Can you create a a plugin for shareasale, amazon, ebay please?
    Also can you set it up in new version that we are able to put all coupon codes one place then others without a coupin code into another menu like eg promotions please. Also able to create categories eg Black Friday and all coupons/promotions that deals with this goes their whether its from another network or plugin or not

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