Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress

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The Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress(ACFCP) plugin is a powerful tool for extending the ClassiPress theme.

It allows you to add and completely control extra Profile fields and custom Ad fields. Also ACFCP Plugin  allows the interaction of custom profile fields with custom ad fields and vice versa.

ACF adds many of the most requested features for ClassiPress:

  • Extra profile fields
  • Different types of profile fields
  • Formats of ad and profile fields (including Date Field with fully customizable Datepicker and validation of input values)
  • Transform of ad and profile fields values (Capitalize, UPPERCASE, lowercase)
  • Private fields (private allows only the author and administrators to see an ad or profile field while hiding it from other visitors and search engines)
  • Display fields only for logged-in users
  • Limit the number of input symbols, words
  • Field formats validation and restrictions
    Double-checking of Ad fileds and Profile fields during registration and editing
    Checking occurs on the client side, and then on the server side
    This provides advanced protection for your site from uninvited guests
    Validation of fields on the client side allows the user to obtain accurate and structured information on the ad
  • Custom validation messages (edit messages in your language and help your users fill forms properly)
  • Default values for all fields
  • Inherit values of the profile field in the ad field
  • Control output fields on the various pages and forms:
    • Registration user form
    • Edit profile form
    • Author’s page
    • User sidebar
    • Single ad page (usual field list)
    • Single ad page separated area (style customizable block)
    • Poster tab in Ad sidebar
    • Ad Loops after title
    • Ad Loop after description
    • New ad form
    • Edit ad form
  • Ability to add custom CSS styles to fields output
  • Ability to add the patch CSS files to be compatible with the style of your child theme
  • Plugin settings can be exported to INI file, or imported from another file
  • Compatible with WPML plugin
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Has own documented API

With this plugin you can easy create the most popular profile form fields such as:

  • “First Name” and “Last Name” – core WordPress profile fields, which you can add to registration form
  • “Accept Terms of Service” – checkbox for your registration form
  • “User Tax ID” – Private profile field, which will see only Administrator (You) and the user (ad owner)
  • “Country” / “State” / “City” / “Phone number” – Location fields, which can automatically fill in “Add new ad” form. Members who submit a lot of ads on your site – will be happy.
  • “Date field” – Date of any format and location

And many others …

Add any formats to the ad and profile form fields:

If you have specific ad or profile fields such as: “Phone number” or “ZipCode”, which required specific formats of values – select neccessary format from the list of proposed (there are number, digits, phone, email, url, alfanumeric, etc…)

Limit the input data from the user through forms:

You can add limits to fill numbers, lenght, words, words sets – by criteria min / max / range

Using ACF API you can add:

  • New Visibility options
  • New Value modifiers
  • New Value formats and restrictions
  • New Plugin options to provide control of new created features


Installing ACFCP Plugin will save you from modifying the ClassiPress code and tedious transition to a newer version of the theme!!!

The plugin contains a very detailed help section for each property and method.  Tooltips will assist you in customizing the plugin.

Plugin Help Section is duplicated on Support forum, so You can read all about plugin before purchase!!!

Plugin API Guide publihed on the Support Forum and provides detailed documentation with real life examples.

There are plans to update the plugin for each new version of the ClassiPress and adding more new features and enhancements over time.

Works with ClassiPress 4.0.0!

Made by with love.

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  1. Hello, I just bought ACFCP Plugin. Where can I get Help and Support?
    The plugin has a fairly detailed Help. You can find Help Button in right top corner of screen of your ACFCP setting dashboard. In addition you can move mouse to any property title and get tool tip! Also you can find dublicated Help in public pages. On the Forum. Or On the ACFCP Test Site.You can see Video Tutorials how to use this plugin. All questions regarding this plugin can be posted vie email to the address mentioned under the support tab. Please, try not to ask questions via private messages.
  2. Where can I find ACFCP Settings Page?
    Open WP Admin Dashboard –> ClassiPress –> ACF Options
  3. I want to add custom profile fields in registration form, also i want inherit their values to the Ads. What i need to do?
    You need to add new profile fields or use prepeared fields from the box.Open ACFCP settings –> Profile fields –> Push the button “Add field” and fill new row.Then Profile fields –> Display options –> Check boxes in column “Registration form field” in line with necessary fields.
  4. I want to add custom Profile or AD fields in Ads loop in line with Ad Category and Author. What i need to do?
    Open ACFCP settings –> Profile fields –> Display options –> Check boxes in column “Loop ad top” or “Loop ad bottom” in line with necessary fields.If you wand display Ad fields – Use same properties in tab “Ad fields”

The Plugin developed for a specific version of ClassiPress! After each update ClassiPress Plugin source code review. This may take some time.

Be prepared that if you upgrade ClassiPress before the release of upgrade Plugin – the Plugin turns off (for not to cause potential errors). The Plugin resume work on the condition that his version is compatible with the version of ClassiPress.

Manual Installation:

  1. Download the Plugin zip file
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  4. Find the menu “ClassiPress” on the WordPress administration page. Select the lower point “ACF options” and proceed to configure the Plugin.

Manual Update:

  1. Export ACF plugin settings to the INI file (just in case)
  2. Deactivate and Delete installed ACF plugin from plugins page
  3. Repeat all steps from manual install (see above)



Starting with plugin version 2.3, was implemented internationalization system of plugin settings content.

Language Packs and Portable Object Template are located in the folder /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-for-ClassiPress/languages/

Installing Language Packs:

  1. Open folder /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-for-ClassiPress/languages/
  2. Find Pack file for your language with name advanced-custom-fields-for-ClassiPress-[LANGUAGE CODE]_[COUNTRY CODE].mo*.
    See the complete list of language codes and country codes to find your exact locale.
  3. Copy this file to WordPress common localization folder /wp-content/languages/plugins/
  4. Open “ACF Options” page and start to work with plugin.

* Note: If a language pack doesn’t exist for your language, you’ll have to create it yourself. AppThemes “How to Translate a WordPress Theme” tutorial will explain how to do it.

If you have translated plugin yourself, you can contact me and send the language pack. I’ll include your files in the plugin package for further uses.

WPML Compatibility:

ACFCP plugin supports Multi Language feature provided by WPML plugin.

Read more about compatibility conditions here

Support Policy

Support is only available via email from our email address:

Before you email us, please make sure you have read through the Support FAQs below:

Support FAQs

  • What kind of support is offered with a purchased product?
    Your product purchase includes one year of access to premium support via email and one year or free updates. Beyond that, you will need to renew your subscription year on year for around 30% of the product price. Support covers issues such as bug fixes (if any) under normal operation, how to use basic product features, very basic WordPress help, and help with very basic theme customisaton. If you need more advanced modifications please consider hiring a developer to do it for you.
  • Will you provide help with small modifications?
    If you need to do small modifications, you may get help from us as long as they are reasonable in number and nature. If you have a lot of such modifications, please consider paid developer help.
  • What kind of help would be unreasonable to ask?
    This is not an easy question to answer. We are here to ensure that the product you purchased works as intended by us and serves its purpose on your website. That means if it doesn’t work for you, we can step in and help you with it. However, it is when there are no issues with the functioning of the product and all you want is help with modification, that demands start getting unreasonable.
    As mentioned before, we don’t mind helping with modifications, but we also expect you to have tried everything to do it yourself. In other words, we expect you to have tried all the settings in your theme, ensured that the issue relates to the product in question, searched through legacy product support forum, and looked around on Google for the answer to your questions before approaching us. Please bear in mind that one theme, one child theme and a few plugins can get you only so far, and you will probably need to make changes to the code of your website to add functionality, change design and personalise it. In case of too many modifications, we will politely ask you to seek paid help.
  • I am using one of your child themes. I am having an issue with it.
    Please make sure the issue is really with the child theme by activating the parent theme and checking if the problem gets solved. Also please make sure you have tested all the settings in parent theme and child theme, sometimes the answer is right in there! Send us an email if the issue still persists.
  • I am using one of your child themes. I need help with customisation.
    As a pre-requisite, you are going to need a basic understanding of HTML & CSS to start customising the layout and style of your theme. To dig deeper PHP knowledge, specifically to WordPress, will help as well. The WordPress Codex is a great place to start learning. For CSS changes related to text colour, background colour, fonts, etc, please consider using the Firebug extension. A simple Google search returns many good text/video tutorials.
  • Do you offer paid WordPress development services?
    Yes we do depending on our work schedule. You can always run your requirements by us via email.

This plugin was acquired by the seller “mohsinoffline” from the original author “dikiyforester” because the author was too busy with his work at AppThemes. We hope to carry forward his good work and hopefully make it better going forward!

From the original author:

Advanced Custom fields for ClassiPress – is my first plugin. And I love ACFCP very much and always care about improving it

You can also contribute to improving.

Report on the Support Forum if:

  • You find error or bug
  • You have great idea regarding new feature
  • You have a problem with compability with another plugin or child theme
  • You want to show off your site, which use ACFCP – post link to ACFCP showcase

If you just want to express your opinion about the plugin – write a Review on this page or Rate plugin in star-rating.

Your code-shaman,


2.5.0 -02/07/2020

  • Fixed acf validator form for minimum atribute, if the value isnt required

2.5.0 -25/06/2020

  • Fixed acf validator, accept numbers bigger than 1 for min/max/range limits

2.4.9 -09/06/2020

  • Fixed Min/Max/Rang validator
  • Inputs accept numbers instead of integers
  • Fixed Home page ads custom fields (ACF for CP doesn’t affect the home page ads)

2.4.8 -08/06/2020

  • Fixed conditional display options (numbers accept comma and dot)
  • Fixed validation for minimum and maximum numbers

2.4.7 -15/05/2020

  • Fixed display the custom fields (optionals)

2.4.6 -20/04/2020

  • Fixed display the custom fields in the home page widgets (latest ads, etc)

2.4.5 – 31/03/2020

  • Fixed list of custom fields in the loop (all in one row)

2.4.4 – 17/12/2019

  • Fixed title on ad loops

2.4.3 – 19/11/2019

  • Fixed css bugs

2.4.2 – 09/10/2019

  • Fixed css bugs
  • Fixed custom fields’ display

2.4.1 – 26/09/2019


  • Made compatible with CP 4.1.X

2.4.0 – 04/07/2018


  • Made compatible with CP 4.0.0

2.3.18 – 06/08/2016


  • Fixed recurrent JS issues on registration page when “jQuery from CDN” is active

2.3.17 – 05/07/2016


  • Fixed Datepicker not working since the 2.3.16 update

2.3.16 – 08/06/2016


  • Fixed JS issues on registration page when “jQuery from CDN” is active

2.3.15 – 04/06/2016


  • Removed self-deactivation feature

2.3.14 – 25/02/2016


  • Updated DNA Framework
  • Disabled/Hidden checkboxes that are not required in the ad field settings


  • Text Transform filter removed from posting to display module

2.3.13 – 26/11/2015


  • Text Transform filter not working


  • Text Transform filter removed from posting to display module

2.3.12 – 26/08/2015


  • Endless loop problem in CP 3.4.1 and before

2.3.11 – 26/08/2015


  • Made compatible with ClassiPress 3.5+


  • Implemented Dashicons
  • Added “loop meta” integration for compatibility with all child themes

2.3.10 – 29/07/2015


  • Fixed PHP validation error handling on ad forms for ClassiPress 3.4+
  • Fixed validation message overlapping other elements on registration form


  • Styled drop down fields on registration form
  • Made double quote (“) optional at the end in height format

2.3.9 – 14/05/2015


  • Fixed backslashes being added to form values on unsuccessful submission


  • New height format added to form builders

2.3.8 – 22/12/2014


  • Added new filters in admin side for improved extensibility

2.3.7 – 18/12/2014


  • Successful message for saved settings

2.3.6 – 17/12/2014


  • Fixed bug in inheriting profile fields in new ad form

2.3.5 – 03/12/2014


  • Compatibility with ClassiPress 3.4

2.3.4 – 13/03/2014


  • Fixed styles in Ad Details area
  • Save URL on user registration


  • Compatibility with Simply Responsive child theme – 06/01/2014


  • Version compare bug on enqueue scripts
  • Error notices on server side fields validation and plugin activation

2.3.3 – 04/01/2014


  • No Author details
  • wp_register_style was called incorrectly in admin area
  • Using deprecated function get_the_author_id()

2.3.2 – 02/01/2014


  • Compatibility with ClassiPress 3.3.2


  • Avoid space in username
  • Server-side validation of non-latin strings
  • Avatar in ad loop disappear
  • “Full Details” area is not translatable (changed to “Ad Details”)
  • WPML translation of “Full Details” area fields
  • Client-side validation of numbers

2.3.1 – 30/08/2013


  • Drag&Drop profile fields on Settings tab breaks table
  • Preserve standard ad field values if they are hidden on edit form (post_title, tags_input, post_content)
  • Subtabs area lost styles
  • Tooltip script not loaded with CP3.3.1
  • js validation of drop-downs for user fields
  • Fixed styles enqueue


  • WPML compatibility

2.3 – 27/05/2013


  • Most Popular Tab Section on Homepage is missing information.
  • Responsive Registration form width
  • ACF filters issue fixed
  • Ad fields values API control
  • Missing ACFCP menu in CP3.2
  • No ACFCP effect on Ad forms in CP3.2
  • Import settings returns Error


  • Ability to add new Datepicker fields through API
  • New action hook ‘acf_enqueue_form_styles’ – allows to add styles on the forms after ACFCP styles
  • New action hook ‘acf_enqueue_listing_styles’ – allows to add styles on Singe Ad page after ACFCP styles
  • New action hook ‘acf_enqueue_form_scripts’ – allows to add scripts on the forms after ACFCP scripts
  • Translatable ACFCP backend. Added ACFCP text domain
  • Added Russian language pack
  • Completed Help Section

2.2.1 – 01/05/2013


  • Add New Custom field error fixed
  • Responsive Registration form styles added
  • ACF filters issue fixed


  • ClassiPress 3.2 now supported. (For people who can’t update CP to newest version)

2.2 – 28/04/2013


  • Edit profile fields in Admin dashboard
  • Removed theme name check (strange Don't panic! behavior).


  • Added action acf_update_user_meta before profile field update|save
  • Added filter to ACFCP Settings tabs
  • Improved ACFCP Settings API
  • Added Display Option Edit profile admin form.
    To display the profile field on the edit form in the admin area,
    regardless of the edit form fields in the front-end
  • Same ACFCP version for ClassiPress 3.2.1 and 3.3
  • Added AppThemes Product ID for autoupdates.

2.1.1 – 24/04/2013


  • Fixed incompatibility with PHP5.2

2.1 – 21/04/2013


  • Compability with ClassiPress 3.3


  • Validation error messages for range* limitations methods can contains placeholders.

2.0 – 21/03/2013


  • new ACF functions framework
  • new DNA framework for backend Options manage
  • Help section removed. Will be added in new maintance release
  • Whole code rewrited!

new features:

  • Backend Options manage API:
    • Allows add new properties for Profile and Ad fileds
    • Allows add new sub tabs to Options pages
  • Fields Visibility API:
    • Allows add new custom restrictions (with any conditions) on fields visibility on various places.
  • API for adding new custom Formats and Limitations.
  • New visibility option Featured Field
    • Allows display field only on Fetured Ads
  • New visibility option For Logged-In
    • Allows display field only for logged-in users
  • New Limitations:
    • minchoice – Makes multi checkboxes element require given minimum number of choices
    • maxchoice – Makes multi checkboxes element require given maximum number of choices
    • rangechoice – Makes multi checkboxes element require given range number of choices
  • New Datepicker properties for limitation selectable dates:
    • Max date
    • Min date
    • range Year
  • Added Ad fields server side validation


  • Profile details now clickable
  • Store 0 values for profile fileds

1.1.2 – 12/12/2012


  • Warning message on drop-downs, checkboxes and radio-buttons on Registration and Edit profile forms
  • Validation message on Registration and Edit profile forms go down after second appearing

1.1.1 – 10/12/2012


  • In the loop displays only one item of multiple checkboxes.
    Now, if you have on ad-loop some checkbox field with multiple values, these values displays separated by comma.


  • Provided compability with new Appthemes ad form-builders, thats allow not affect New Ad and Edit Ad forms html markup.


  • Added styles for Headline childtheme registration form.

1.1 – 04/11/2012


  • Display required asterisks for fields, if there is a limitation on the minimum input greater than 0.
  • Fields on Ad loop dublicated in Random Ads Tab
  • Profile fields causing Warning in Ad loop
  • Description area in Edit Ad form Is out of form
  • ReCaptcha appear in the middle when using custom fields in Registration form


  • Changed folder structure
  • Removed author.php and tpl-edit-item.php templates from plugin (now used core templates).
  • Changed installation procedure.

new features:

  • New option Text Transform allows to transform text to Capitalize, UPPERCASE and lowercase before saving in database.
    Useful for saving the Titles or other fields with the certain capitalization of text.
  • Administrator can edit all profile fields, even if some fields disabled in Display options.
  • New display option for Ad fields – Single ad content – display Ad fields in the ad single page in separated style-customizable content area.
  • New display option for Profile fields – User sidebar – display fields in the users’s sidebar (Widget Account information).
  • New display option for Profile fields – Single ad sidebar – display fields in the Single ad sidebar (tab Poster).
  • Ability to CSS-Stylize certain fields in all display areas. So you can add images instead titles and anything else.
  • Ability to add CSS patches to plugin folder for style-compability with any child-theme.

1.0.2 – 30/09/2012


  • No ad details found bug on Single ad listing in ClassiPress 3.1.8
  • Profile fields first_name and last_name duplicated in DB if filled in registration form
  • Allow HTML in field descriptions
  • Problems when submit Add new user form in admin dashboard (required hidden fields)
  • Tab indexes in registration form not sequential


Added new action hooks (usage look in help section):

  • acf_loop_top($post) add action after title in loop ad meta (in line with author and category)
  • acf_loop_bottom($post) add action after description in loop ad meta (in line with posted and total viewed)

1.0.1 – 16/09/2012


  • Error using ACF on Loop Ad
  • Having issue with custom field showing in listing
  • No need to set permissions to file acf_export.ini. (Now file is created on the fly during the export. Export folder is deleted from the project.)
  • No need to replace author’s and edit ad templates. (Now this templates loads from plugin’s folder).

1.0 – 22/07/2012

  • Release.

27 reviews of “Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress

5 stars
There are issues. No support.
By -

There are IMPORTANT issues. I have contacted the developer several times via the email as described in the support section. I have never heard back from the developer. I sent issues to the forum and no answer. Very bad plugin, DON’T BUY IT.

2 people like this.
4.5 stars
very good plugin
By -

I bought the plugin
very good plugin – solved all my problems with the configuration of fields – recommend it to everyone – excellent work by the developer.
I use the classipress version 4.2.2 – I really liked the features, I believe that extending to include woocommerce fields would be even better.

0.5 stars
There are issues with this plugin...No support (not even a single support) from the plugin developer
By -

I have contacted the developer several times via the email as described in the support section. I have never heard back from the developer.

2 people like this.
0.5 stars
Conflicts with Classipress 4,
By -

This plugin is Conflicts with Classipress 4, makes it slow, and doesn’t show ads details in the search list,
update need.

2 people like this.
3.5 stars
You can not add any of these fields to the management of the administrative side users
By -

great plugin, with many options on the fields inserted for users .. only flaw, you can not add any of these fields to the management of the administrative side users.

1 star
want my money back
By -

i don’t understand why you sell on market place products, with problem on the last version of appthemes software. I ask to appthemes to remove this certain of add-ons cause i trusted them as they are guest on this market place.

2 people like this.
5 stars
problem with php version
By -

please, I’m having trouble with the ACF, it seems that he needs mb_convert_case function to work, my hosting offers the 5.3.29 version of php and informed me that this function is not compiled, you can help me solve this, because I can not update my users nor the ClassiPress ads.

5 stars
One of the best plugins for Classipress
By -

All Classipress websites must released with this plugin ACFCP
useful plugin and must have but no good support

5 stars
Good and easy pluging
By -

It is necessary Plugin to have professional Template. Little of customisation still to realize to have exactly for what I looked
thank you very much

5 stars
No TyniMCE for textarea
By -

All are good but there is no TyniMCE for textarea. I submitted forum to ask how to do it but no respond until now.

5 stars
Best plugin on Appthemes
By -

Plugin works exactly as advertised! Support is even better. This is a “must have” plugin for any apptheme powered theme.
Keep up the great work

Anonymous likes this.
0.5 stars
overpriced..should be part of classipress theme anyways..!
By -

works great. does its job. I would be better if you could modify the text color easier through the plugin instead of going into the css files hunting for it..

2 people like this.
2 stars
Poor In Every Way
By -

OK, so I’m going against what all the other reviewers have said, but I find this plugin over-rated, over-priced, and un-necessary to the point that if I’d got it free from the WordPress depository, it would have been uninstalled by now.

Documentation is overly technical – who on earth is going to fathom out that you need to input a maxlength of 6.12 on a rangewords limitation for eg – and what on earth does all that mean anyway?

I’ve got it so that I have a city and area listing at the bottom of ads (it doesn’t work at the top of ads) purely to save a little face for shelling out nearly $30 on a white elephant that only (sometimes, if you can work out what on earth it’s all about) does what can be done normally through the normal classipress settings.

Sorry if I’ve been a little blunt, but with no legible documentation for this plugin, it’s a big thumbs down from me.

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
So far the best plug ClassiPress
By -

This is absolutely essential for each ClassiPress theme plugin

. Affordable prices
. The best support
. Quick response

David likes this.
5 stars
right price, excellent support
By -

This plug-in is a must have for anyone running a classifieds site. It does exactly what it claims and the developer provides prompt and excellent support. After fighting with Microsoft Technical support for two weeks over a simple email issue, working with this developer was a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, I sent the developer an email asking for a quote on some custom work (specifically – automatically putting the category name in the title field). He said that the changes would be easy to make and he would post the code to the ClassiPress forum for free within a day…and he did. Outstanding!

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
Great Plugin
By -

Great Plugin. It handles most of my needs!

5 stars
Most robust and reliable plugin ...
By -

Worth every penny, you will not regret is .

It is a useful plugin ,good support ,buy it .

5 stars
Great help and nice plugins
By -

I bought Advanced Custom Fields for ClassiPress, ACF Hyperlinks and ACF private and I am verry happy with it.The developer helped me out with an extra option, so now I can even put a custom field like a company-URL to my featured slider (a Tutorial is on the Appthemes forum). Thanks a lot.

dikiyforester likes this.
5 stars
Money well spent
By -

Great job on a fantastic plugin. Your work makes my work much easier. I am currently developing a booking-type of website, and your contribution to this community via your plugins and countless hours spent helping your customers is greatly appreciated.

If you are reading this review and contemplating spending the money for a plugin, or thinking about trying to do everything yourself learning ClassiPress, php, and javascript like I did, believe me, make the purchase and move on to other things. Although I learned a lot about programming, it is much easier to spend the $29 and ask a few questions if needed.

dikiyforester likes this.
5 stars
Totally the best value for money
By -

ACFCP is a great plugin, I use is for auto filling user fields in ads, which of ocourse my users love… and also for getting far better registration details!

The developer is the most supportive developer I have worked with ever, I cannot recommend this more highly!

dikiyforester likes this.
5 stars
The best support in Appthemes
By -

I really appreciate ACF suppot, but plugin the same. Never was a question that dikiyforester doesn’t reply. I would that all marketplace sellers to answer so quickly and punctual that dikiyforester does. I use this plugin and me and my website users are pleased with eassiness that it works and offers “spot” informations about website content and it is a really help for users that post more ads and they are not obeyd to complete again and again the same information about their profile.
Dikiyforester, congartulations for your work, good luck and WE wait new features for your plugin.

dikiyforester likes this.
5 stars
You have made my day:)
By -

Just wanted you to know that this plug-in of yours (the ACF one) really kicks ***!!!

I bought it today and at first it really messed with my head, but after just a couple of minutes of trial and error it now puts a BIG smile on my face! I can´t imagine how I should have done what I want to do any other way…

So from a new fan of yours, keep up the brilliant work and I´ll support you in any way I can from now on!

All the best

/Lars D

3 people like this.
5 stars
Fantastic plugin + support
By -

Wow :-), what a neat plugin – a real must have for Classipress sites – and what a great support. This is what I call true value for money!

Respect, guys.

Cheers, Kees van Amersvoort

dikiyforester likes this.
5 stars
useful plugin
By -

It’s very usefull plugin with fantastic support the team never give up with any problem:) I’m use it for couple of my sites and I’m happy… If you need checkbox on register site it’s perfect solution it have a lot of options you can use best regards for development team

2 people like this.
5 stars
Finally something that works perfectly with lightning fast support
By -

I have been using this plugin now for 2 weeks it is a must have!

I was looking for a plugin to make custom profile fields and add fields.

This plugin let me do both within 1 simple page, with loads of customising options.

Also the support is great, I have posted around 16 questions and all be answered, even most of them within the hour!

Some questions where not even plugin related.

dikiyforester is my ClassiPress Guru, I hope to see he more plugins from him.

2 people like this.
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  • dikiyforester

    @Aleksandar Srebronakit
    Hi, You want to use Search by Custom Field? But why you don’t want to add a sub categories? Search by Custom Field not provided in this plugin, but I interested in this idea! I will think about it.
    I’ll be grateful to you if you put this idea into thread

    • alex

      Thank you for sincere answer.
      Maybe Im not 100% with sub-category model, but, in my case, customer can offer some tires for “ford” and some for “opel”.

      If I want to use subcategories, i will need to create:

      ford -> tires
      opel -> tires
      mercedes -> tires …

      With linked custom fiels (like with tags) I am getting more content, and kinda search through categories .. without redudancy. Am I right?

      solarte likes this.
      • dikiyforester

        With linked custom fiels (like with tags) I am getting more content

        yes more content from all categories, but if your user want tires only for Opel? Custom fields can be linked to many categories, but subcats only for one category.

      • dikiyforester

        And another example: if you define manufacturer like a category, then all ads in this category will be added by one form layout. What about tires and engines? They are have different characteristics.
        So, product types – categories or subcategories
        characteristics – custom fields.

        Maybe manufacturer better to make the custom field?

        Anonymous likes this.
  • alex

    This wiil be for used parts … so it dond need precise specification and search criteria for everything .. this is class Ad site, not shop ..

    On the other side, No way I will enter 40-50 manufacturer x cca. 40 different part types as subcategories .. even with excel it is too hard ..

    I created cca 40 manufacturers as “categories” and I defined custom field “part type” (“Vrsta auto dela” on Serbian) and it looks fine for me – and I believe for customers too.

    See here:

    Im only suggesting thet it will be good to have those custom fields “clickable” .. Im just hoping you can sell that idea …

    Alex. Serbia.

    • dikiyforester

      Ok I understand. In this case better use multi categories feature (my opinion). Search by custom fields more difficult for server.

      In any case thank you for idea, I will keep this in mind, but no promises.

  • alex

    Thanks a lot for creative conversation.

    Anonymous likes this.
  • jojo81

    this plugin include Dynamic Multi-Level Fields on custom ad category forms?

    Thanks a lot

  • dikiyforester

    Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this feature now. It is only in the plans.

  • mrbecker

    Hi, I am curious if I could change the private setting so only site admin (me) could see that category and not even the poster? I use classipress as a directory and want an extremely private ratings system only I can see. Is this possible?

  • Alioune

    hi i buy the plug in but one question cause i dont see how to dot it
    with the plug in is not possible to edit field wit specique ad form layout like classipress do ?

  • Alioune

    to be clear i want make form layout for baby siting but want the field en form apear only for the babysiting ad layout please help cause i dont undesten in i dont know wat to do if is not possible let me now then

    • dikiyforester

      Hello, Alioune!
      Thank you for your purchase!

      Add different form layouts for ads by category you can with standart ClassiPress functional

      My plugin add additional functional for the fields, such as formats and limitations, display options and validation.

      If you bought my plugin only for ad form layouts, I’m sorry.
      But I believe you will never be disappointed in buying!

      If you want to add custom form layouts for user registration and editing, this functional in developing now.

      Incredible new plug-in functionality will be released soon.
      I develop “Role-Playing-User” framework. You can add custom roles for users with different permissions. User Can select role in registration such as seller, advertizer, seeker, etc… And you can set role in admin dashboard.

      For each role you can set different forms, options and permissions.

      This framework will be added to ACFCP plugin.

      • muryel74

        hi again so in my last request i undesten in your replay there no possibiliti to do wat i want with this plugin but
        i just try now to do wat you told me i have this probleme when the ACF plugin, when is activate all my costume form end field layout on my user SUBMIT LISTING PAGE

        desaper i see the defaut classipress ad list page layout
        so i dont undesten why i just want to use your plug in for my user registre page layout only. tha is possible without changing any of my page costomization ?
        thanks to replay


        • chriswareham

          Hello muryel74 with a little bit more information maybe i could help point you in the right direction. could you please send the URL to your website for analysis.

          Thanks Chris

        • dikiyforester

          Hello Alioune!

          if you can’t see ad custom fields on forms – try to check plugin settings
          Section “Ad Fields” — “Add New display”, “Edit Ad display”, “Single Ad Display”
          If this checkboxes are unchecked – try to check them.

          Alioune, The best choice for the discussion of such questions – ask them on the support forum ACF Support
          Post new thread on this forum and we are certainly will help you!

          Thank you, Chris, for trying to help!

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  • dieter

    Hi Dikiforester,

    The upcoming new plugin functionality, is it going to be a part of advanced custom fields or a complete new plugin?


  • dikiyforester

    This frame work will as a standalone program. But I will implement it to my plugins. There are two plugins where need “Role-Playing-User” :
    1. ACFCP plugin and similar for other themes.
    2. Sellers Place CP – advanced author’s page which looks like individual store.

    • dieter

      Thank you for your reply dikiyforester.

      What do you suggest, wait some time and buy the ACFCP plugin after the role-playing-user framework is added or buy it now and update the plugin after CP v3.2 comes out.


      • dikiyforester

        I have only one position: I will not going to sell promises!

        If current Plugin features is not meet your needs, then you should not buy it.

        If some existing plugin features you need in the moment, then buy it now and you will save some money in future (price may change). The transition from one plugin version to the other will be smooth and you will not lose your data.

  • entropiabr

    Hi! Is possible change this plugin to use in JobRoller? If MOD needed, how much and time to do?

    • dikiyforester

      Of coarse I want to rebuild this plugin for JobRoller, Vantage and Clipper, but I have no time for it now. It’s not difficult, but need only time. When will ready beta version for JobRoller I can invite you to the beta testing, tell me your nickname on the forum.

      entropiabr likes this.
      • entropiabr

        Tkz dikiyforester! My nick in the forum is “entropiabr”. I’m from Brazil and my english is very bad, so many sorry!
        If you want, send me a price to make that changes. I have some clients and this options are perfect! If this is possible, how much I pay for that two options (ClassiPress + JobRoller)?
        My personal e-mail is:
        And is possible to me make the translation and sold the plugin to you in Brazil, because my contacts.

        Tkz for “speed”!

        • dikiyforester

          My English is not good too)))
          No need to pay for changes, it will be a separate plugin –
          – A similar plugin but only for JobRoller.

          PS: I remove your email for safety reasons

  • entropiabr

    Hi again! Tkz to exclude the email, my bad…
    Ok about the price. I have a website online with ClassiPress, but some MOD’s was necessary to put online. See:
    My brazilian developer do the MOD’s. But to JobRoller this plugin is perfect!
    Some idea of time to do that? You can remember me about?

    Where are you from? Denmark or something?

  • dikiyforester

    Cool site. I looked at your registration page and noticed that you are using a mod. I can not guarantee that my plugin will work correctly with this mod – I have not seen code of mod.

    About “Advanced Custom Fields for JobRoller” plugin: I can not say a release date. Sorry

    Denmark? he-he it would be good))) but no, I am from Russian Federation)))

  • entropiabr

    Tkz! My priority is the jobroller, but CP is important too. I have others websites with CP and no MOD’s.
    In JobRoller I have only a MOD in home, with new widgets. See:

    Probably I buy the plugin to CP, and later the JobRoller version. If you have some time to do that, please, I buy and sell to you here, in Brazil! 🙂

    You’re from Russia! Cool. My brother was there few months ago. He is a student in Iran, and travel a little. He was in Russia on December, I think.

    • dikiyforester

      Ok, I’ll let you know when “Advanced Custom Fields for JobRoller” plugin beta will ready.

      I buy and sell to you here, in Brazil!

      This plugin will be sold at the “MarketPlace” therefore sell elsewhere is not allowed. But you can take part in Appthemes affiliate program, and get paid for it sale at 30% for each sold copy. This applies to all products “Appthemes” and “MarketPlace”.

      I am guessing that your brother wanted to know what the real Russian winter, and so went to travel in December. I hope he is not too freeze.
      He was lucky, he had seen the world in different places and and he’s got a lot of experience/impressions.

  • Stephen


    Just bought the plugin in and am getting invalid phone number for my country which is using 8 digits,(55555555) format.

    Can you tell me how to rectify it and is there a manual on how to use the plugin?

    In the admin panel for ACF options, i see

    Registration form field
    Edit form field
    Author page display
    Single ad display
    Loop ad top
    Loop ad bottom
    Private field

    I only understand that when i check the box in Registration form field, it will show in the registration form for new user. How about the rest of the options??

    Am sure it is a useful plugin, but just need more documentations.


  • ajamm

    I just want to comment what an awesome plugin this is… I use it to create advanced registration details, and allow my customers to build lists of shipping details that will pre-fill in their ads. Absolutely fantastic plugin. Also I have never found such a cooperative and dedicated author. I had 2 or 3 issues to do with my mods on site and all were resolved with help from dikiyforester.

    3 people like this.
  • Fanatic

    You can tell a lot of work had been put into the brain storming and development of this plugin and what a solid plugin it is, Dikiyforester is a complementary asset to the AT community, Thank you for being one step ahead!

    2 people like this.
  • nstephen

    This is a very useful plugin to compliment Classipress.

    Have given it a 4 rating. Would have given it a 5 if it can edit the profile picture as well. Currently have to install another plugin to upload and change
    the profile picture.

    In my opinion, the size of the profile picture is too small. Hopefully in your next update, you will include my suggestion and set the size of the picture to minumum 150 x 150

    • dikiyforester

      My plugin does not have control over the profile image, and I have never said anyone that this opportunity is in the plugin.
      Nevertheless, this is already in my todo list, but no date.

      In any case thank you for rating!

  • websitu

    Best of luck with this, you deserve it to be successful and I am sure it will be. You have put so much work in on this and I know that you are never satisfied with where it’s at in its development. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

    This is a must have addition to classipress in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work 😉

    2 people like this.
  • chriswareham

    First of all I would like to commend the hard work and support by dikiyforester.

    ACF Advanced Custom Fields plugin for Classipress, probably is and still will be the most wanted plugin you will never need, you’ll be grateful for what you can get from this wonderful piece of work.

    I used the plug-ACF and found that the user interface is so easy to understand with its five main tabs.

    I would be lost without her, I have much control over the functionality of my website now.

    The help and support that come with this plugin is excellent.

    The author has put a lot of time and effort into writing documentation to assist in the care and support with this plugin, documentation, clean and fresh and very easy to understand, the documentation can be found here

    You can also ask other customers, what they think, and I guarantee you first class support on all issues you raise, I usually get a response back within a few minutes of submitting any questions.

    Artem Frolov likes this.
  • tjalling


    I contacted you all ready on the classipress forum and thought lets ask the same question again over here :p

    The plugin seems great only i want 1 simpel thing and cant figure out if this is suported.

    On the ad page where you see the info about the poster and ofcourse the ad it zelf. Can i ad a costum field to the info about the poster that the poster can not change him self ?

    Zo a costum field that can only be editted by the admin ?

    • chriswareham

      Hi tjalling

      The answer to your question is “YES” this can be achieved by the ACFCP plugin!!!

      Here is how to achieve what you are trying accomplish.

      When you create a custom field in ACFCP Options “Profile Fields” you can first set the field type and default value of your custom field.
      You can then set the “Format & Limitations”, “Labels & Descriptions” for each custom field.
      Once you have done the above, you can select from the “Display Options” how you would like the custom field to be displayed. To achieve what you have asked i found 2 ways that you can retrieve the data.

      1. You can in the “Display Options” tick the check box in the column “Registration form field” relevant to your custom field. This will give new user on registration the option to input data into the field you have just created, if you also tick the check box “Single ad display”, once a post has been created this custom field will show in a single ad page just like you asked. If you do not want to allow the user to change this field in there profile then make sure “Edit form field” is deselected.

      With the above in mind this option will allow you to gather information from the user him/her self and display the data from the registration field in a single ad page, without giving them the option in the profile page to change this data.

      2. This option will offer an option of just the admin setting the data in the custom field.
      First create the custom field like i mentioned above, on the “Display Options” make sure that all the column options are deselected apart from “Single Ad Display”.
      This will not allow the user to see or change data from there profile page and show the data of this custom field in a single ad page.

      However with the above options, when you are wanting to input the data for a specific user, you will need to go to the “Display Options” and tick the check box “Edit form field”, then go to the users, select the user that you are wanting to edit the data into. you will now see in the admin user page the custom field where you can enter your data.
      Once you have done this you must go back to “Display Options” and deselect “Edit form field”. The reason for this is because this displays the “Edit form field” in the admin and user profile pages. By deselecting it you will hide the option for both user and admin to see and change this data.

      This will then Display in a single ad page just like you wanted the data of that specific custom field that can not be edited or changed by a user.

      Hope this help

      However the Author may know of a better way to achieve this.



      Artem Frolov likes this.
      • Artem Frolov

        WOW! Chris, You are well versed in the plugin settings!!!
        Thank you for help!
        That’s right, the only thing I want to add – I need to add an option that allows the administrator to edit certain field, but it will prevent the user. I’ll do it in the next release.


  • Tjalling

    Oke well that’s sounds great. One more question before i buy it.

    The costum field like i wanted is it posibel to make it a clikabel link ?

    • chriswareham

      Hi Tjalling

      Again the answer to your question is “YES”

      Just for your information you can set the “Format Of Value” inside the ACFCP plugin to a URL to make it a true link, i have prepared a small video tutorial to cover this for you.

      Sorry there is no sound, and i had to rush it due to time restrictions but at least it should cover your question.

      Regards Chris

      Artem Frolov likes this.
    • Artem Frolov


      Well, did you saw video by Chris?
      As you can see you can add clicable link.

      So Join our helpful community!

      Thanks to Chris!

  • Tjalling

    Oke finn will join in a couple of days tho trasfaring to paypal is taking a while.

    Will watch the video when i have the plugin installed.

    Nice support over here.


  • paulogoode

    Can you tell me if the inputted data for the ad is able to be sent to admin in a notification email? At the moment (default setup) notification emails only include Title, Category, Author plus Preview Ad and Edit Ad links.

    I’m trying to seek a way that the admin can copy/paste info to be also used in newspaper listings. Will your plugin allow them to do this?

    Thank you,

    • paulogoode

      or an RSS feed with custom field data added… I forgot to mention that!


      • dikiyforester

        Hi, Paulo!

        Sorry, but ACFCP does not have this feature…

        Your idea very interested for me, and i will think how realize it in future.

        • paulogoode

          Thank you for your quick reply. I would be very happy if you could add this feature, it would be great.

          I’m hoping that the form used to post an ad can behave like a contact form, so that all fields arrive in an email to the admin:


          • dikiyforester

            Hi, Paulo.

            I looked out the ClassiPress files regarding email notifications. At the moment there is no way to connect the plugin to the emails function. Only through CP code modifications.

            I will contact AppThemes Developers and maybe they are include action hook to this function, but maybe not.

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