Ads Auto Re-Lister

Set your ClassiPress website to auto pilot mode! This plugin will re-list a random ad on home page every 5 minutes as a default value with an option to adjust how often you want that re-listing to accrue, you can also filter the re-listed ads by including/excluding usernames , including/excluding ads (by ID) or limiting the plugin to “featured ads” only.

This plugin is a perfect solution for low activity websites and it’s also a good thing to have for high activity websites as it will keep rolling your ads content by posting a random ad on the top of your home page as if it was just added now with no action required from you, your returned visitors will have a good impression about your website and I have also noticed a better SEO ranking after enabling this plugin.

Please don’t set the timer to less than “1 minute” even when you are just testing the plugin as some WordPress installations may prevent the plugin functionalities if the schedule is too short.

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Does this plugin re-list expired Ads

No, It won’t re-list the expired ads.

Does this plugin re-list ads marked as “Sold”

No, It won’t re-list the sold ads.

Does this plugin renew the expiry date of the re-listed ads?

No, It will just re-list the ad without touching the expiry date value.

Is this plugin compatible with child themes?

Yes, it’s supporting all child themes.

Is it only working with ClassiPress?

Yes, at the moment, it’s only supporting all versions of ClassiPress theme installed on any version of WordPress.

  • Download the Plugin zip file.
  • Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload.
  • Upload and activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  • You can find the plugin “Settings Page” under the main “Settings” menu inside your WP dashboard.

Product support will be provided via this email address:

1.1.4 – 03/Nov/2017

  • Compatibilities Fixes.

1.1.3 – 13/Feb/2016

  • 1 Bug fixed for some sensitive web hosting configurations.

1.1.2 – 08/Feb/2016

  • New intervals options added (seconds,minutes and hours).
  • New option added to filter the re-listed Ads by including/excluding usernames.
  • New option added to filter the re-listed Ads by including/excluding Ads (ID’s).
  • Minor bug fixed to clean the previous schedules after saving the new setting – no need to disable/enable the plugin anymore :).

1.1.1 – 05/Feb/2016

  • Minor bug fixed to prevent re-listing sold items.

1.1.0 – 09/Dec/2015

  • New option added to limit re-listed Ads for certain users only.
  • New option added to re-list featured Ads only.
  • New option added to Activate/Deactivate the plugin from inside the plugin setting page (deactivated by default) so you can set the necessary setting before you start it.

1.0.0 – 20/Nov/2015

  • First version released.

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 Comments (97)

  • author


    1. Yes just ads listed by “user1” will be auto re-listed … nothing else.
    2. If the ID “1234” is not coming under “user1” then there is no need to exclude it, it’s not there anyway but if it comes under “user1” then it will be excluded.

    So the hierarchy is starting with “usernames”.

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  • brianjester

    How come you don’t do something like re-list for paid ads? Something like recurring billing. Although recurring billing is more than meets the eye, it would be much better for the users of classipress than to just re-list free ads. Good idea for your plugin though.

  • author


    At the moment there is an option to limit the plugin for “featured ads” only, however they will be re-listed randomly, but I’m now considering some requests for adding a feature to re-list Ads based on the Ad post date and not randomly and this feature will be working if the Ad is featured … I’m not sure if that is what you looking for? or did you mean something like adding this option as a paid feature under membership packages?

  • liquidaexpress

    Hi! Congratulations for your plugin. Simple and very effective. I have many “featured ads” on my site. These ads have a deadline to become active as featured. But with this plugin they are getting ever active. I would like you to think to include a check box to activate the featured ads to not relist. Regards!

  • author

    Hi liquidaexpress,

    I’m not sure if I got you, but if you mean stopping some featured ads from being re-listed .. how about excluding them by the Ad ID?

  • liquidaexpress

    Hi Zaidrix! Sorry but my English is not very good.

    OK! It is more practical select what to do with the Features that do this one by one. When the site has few ads, fine. But when the site has many Featured ADs it becomes laborious to have to take and put IDs all the time in the plugin.

    Sample: Do you want to include Ads Featured: [Yes] or [Not]

    Obs: It is true that plugin better SEO ranking of my site after enabling.


  • author

    Hi liquidaexpress,

    I see what you mean, I will consider this option in the future updates.

  • bs2000

    Hi, I have 3 questions.

    1. Do the plugin change publish date of the ad when relist it?
    2. Do the plugin relist ads in archive pages and category/tags archive pages (if the publish date will be new)
    3. How many ads relist the plugin?

    How work the plugin?


  • author

    Hi Bs2000

    1. Yes, this is required to relist an Ad on home page, however it won’t affect the expiry date.
    2. I’m not sure if I got what you mean.. but if you mean will it appear on top inside the other filtered pages like Categories, the answer would be yes.. it will act just like a new Ad.
    3. It will relist “1 Ad” every time.. and you decide how often you want that to happen.. i.e every 5 minutes / 1hr .. etc.

  • bs2000


    My english is not perfect … 🙂

    1. Then this plugin like a automatic Bump Up. Do I think it good?
    2. Relist=randomize ad renewing the set intervals
    3. The relisted ads appear to top inside not only home page (starting page) but also other listing pages too.


  • author


    1. Yes, something like that.
    2. Yes, it will renew the publish date but not the expiry date.
    3. Yes it will.

  • Flipflop

    Firstly I want to say how fantastic this plugin is!!

    I have discovered that when you try to both include”Limit Usernames” and exclude”Limit Ads ID” that it stops working.

    The reason I want to be able to do both is because there are certain users that I want include to ensure that they are always included, while there are certain Ads that I don’t want included.

    If you could maybe work this into the next update, that would be great.

  • author


    Thank you for the nice feedback!

    In this scenario.. when you include “user1,user2” it will only relist ads posted by “user1,user2” and nothing else.

    Then when you exclude “ads id’s” it will only work on the id’s coming from ads posted by “user1,user2”

    Is that what you expected to happen and it didn’t work?

  • Noorul Idil

    Hi Zaidrix,

    So far, this plugin work so great. Thanks to you.

    1 more further questions :

    If i left the “Limit Usernames” and “Limit Ads ID’s” blank but check the “Apply on “Featured Ads” only”, would it works?

  • author

    Hi Noorul

    Glad to hear that

    – Yes it will work, only ads marked as featured will be re-listed.

  • weiching


    I tested version 1.1.3

    It will re-list expired Ads.

  • author

    @ weiching

    The plugin should not re-list expired ads, what version of ClassiPress you have?

  • weiching

    ClassiPress 3.4.1 + wordpress 4.2.7
    ClassiPress 3.5.4 + wordpress 4.4.2

    I am building a clean test site sent to your e-mail.

  • weiching

    I understand, you have to check Prune Ads.(Automatically remove expired listings)


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  • davidwoolf

    This plugin is Insane Good. See my review.

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  • author

    Thank you David!

  • rapicom

    I have a question. Can I set the app to randomly relist all ad’s ?

  • author

    @rapicom, yes you can.

  • davidwoolf

    I was just wondering if this fantastic plugin will work on ANY WordPress site that has PRODUCTS listed, or does it have to be a Classipress site? Thanks.

  • author

    Dear David,

    With ClassiPress only.

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