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Being released in February 2011, “cutest” it is the childtheme for ClassiPress with more sales around the web. This childtheme is based on the original popular crafting website “Etsy”. Just like Etsy, this theme is perfect for your marketplace where artisans can showcase and sell their products (other topics can be covered also).

The theme uses a grid instead of a list for showing classified ads. Now featured ads have a ribbon in red color so are more visible, giving them the relevance needed.

You just need to download the childtheme, upload it to your themes folder, activate it and set the sidebars or rearrange them in order to suit your needs… as simple as that!


– Fresh, cute look and feel.
– Even bigger images.
– Grid scheme.
– Featured Ads more relevant.
– Latest blog posts integrated in home.
– Improved WordPress custom menus to better handle categories/subcategories on widgetized sidebars.
– Bigger map under Ad details pages.
– Improved blog posts list (archive, categories and tags) for better looking.
…and some more coming in next releases and updates.


– Grid/list switcher.
– Sort ads under archives.
Place your own ideas in product comments (“Comments” tab) for features you like to be added so we can study every case and elaborate it further with you.


1. ClassiPress HOME template »
2. ClassiPress LOGIN template »
3. ClassiPress REGISTER template »
4. ClassiPress PASSWORD RECOVERY template »
5. ClassiPress PASSWORD RESET template »
6. ClassiPress SEARCH RESULTS template »
7. ClassiPress ARCHIVE main »
8. ClassiPress ARCHIVE (categories) »
9. ClassiPress ARCHIVE (tags) »
10. ClassiPress AD (single) »
11. ClassiPress CATEGORIES template »
12. ClassiPress STATIC PAGE (with sidebar) template »
13. ClassiPress STATIC PAGE (full width) template »
14. ClassiPress AUTHOR template »
15. ClassiPress ERROR 404 template »
16. ClassiPress BLOG ARCHIVE (list) »
17. ClassiPress BLOG ARCHIVE (categories) »
18. ClassiPress BLOG ARCHIVE (tags) »
19. ClassiPress BLOG (single with image and no comments) »
20. ClassiPress BLOG (single with comments and no image) »

For the next pages you’ll need to be logged in.
You can create an account here REGISTER IN CUTEST »
21. ClassiPress CREATE AD (3 steps) »
22. ClassiPress PURCHASE MEMBERSHIP (3 steps) »
23. ClassiPress EDIT AD template »
24. ClassiPress DASHBOARD template »
25. ClassiPress EDIT PROFILE template »



cutest childtheme - home


cutest childtheme - listings

Single Ad…

cutest childtheme - single ad


cutest childtheme - blog

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1. Always make a full backup of your site.
2. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder.
3. Activate the childtheme.
4. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab check “Turn off all styles (advanced users only)”.
5. Set the sidebars or rearrange them the way you need.

– For sites with previously published Ads you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails. To achieve this, simply use Regenerate Thumbnails free plugin.


Please visit the dedicated forum.


v1.0 – February 22nd, 2011. Initial release.
v2.0 – August 6th, 2012. Bugs fixed.
v3.0 – February 22nd, 2013. Major update.
v3.1 – November 26th, 2013. Bugs fixed.
v3.4 – March 20th, 2015. Major update.
v4.0 – October 16th, 2015. Major update.
v4.1 – November 1st, 2015. Bugs fixed.
v4.1.1 – November 23rd, 2015. Bugs fixed.
v4.2 – March 30th, 2016. ClassiPress 3.5.4 compatible.

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5 stars
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I have worked on many child themes for classipress and this is by far the best!

rubencio likes this.
By rubencio - December 6, 2016

Hello vdavoody,

Thanks a lot for such a great words.

Best regards!!

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Easily give a great look and feel to your ClassiPress based website.



Easily give a great look and feel to your ClassiPress based website.



Easily give a great look and feel to your ClassiPress based website.