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Assign free credits for successful referral to your registered users using HireBee Referrals. Old member as well as the new member, both will get free credits for successful joining.

For Admin

1. Manage the number of credits to allot for each successful referrals
2. View the complete list of referrals and credit points history in Admin Dashboard
3. Place the short-code anywhere across the website to generate unique referral link for logged in users.

For Users

1. They will get unique referral link
2. They can share the link with their friends using social media, mail etc
3. Earn free credits (defined by the admin in back-end) on every successful referral.

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Q. Where can I modify the amount of credits for successful referrals.

Ans: You need to update it through your Admin dashboard > Referrals

1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
2. Enable the plugin.
3. Add the below short-code wherever you want the referral url to appear for an user.

Shortcode: [referralsurl]

Version 1.0

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