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This plugin is for receiving SMS notifications for ad sites using ClassiPress theme.

If you are using ClassiPress then this plugin is a great way to get notification sent to your phone via SMS. This plugin will allow ad owners to receive SMS notifications when there are any changes to their ads. By default, notifications for these changes are sent out via email. This can be unreliable sometimes as emails can get lost. SMS notifications are far more reliable and easier to access.
When you use this plugin as the site admin, you get access to many different notifications such as:

  • Important events
  • Ads under review
  • Violation reports
  • Transactions that require approval

You can use these notifications to monitor your ad site efficiently even when you do not have access to your emails.


The following events have notification options in this plugin.

Admin Notifications

  • New user registration
  • New ad published
  • Listing requires moderation
  • New comment on ads
  • Ad problem has been reported
  • Completed purchase receipt
  • Bank transfer receipt
  • Failed payment

You can also specify multiple cell phone numbers. This is perfect if you have more than one admin that you want to receive these notifications.

Ad Owner Notifications

  • Ad has been approved or published
  • Listing submitted but requires admin approval
  • Listing edited but requires admin approval
  • Listing has expired
  • Listing has been rejected
  • Listing has been canceled
  • When approved comment has been submitted on one for your listings
  • Inquiry form has been submitted for your listing
  • Pre warning your listing is about to expire
  • Failed payment

User Notifications

  • Welcome message when they register to the site
  • When the user has logged into the site. This SMS will include the IP of the logged in user.
  • Membership has been activated
  • Receipt after purchase is complete
  • Receipt after a bank transfer has been made

Other Plugin Features

  • Verification of the users cell phone number during registration
  • Easy to use plugin interface
  • All SMS messages can be customized

Compatible SMS Payment Gateways

  • (Platform)

For more details you can read the full documentation for this plugin here:

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First of all, you have got to be sure all below requirements are OK.

  • PHP >= 5.3
  • WordPress >= 4.0
  • ClassiPress >= 3.4.0 (It also may work with ClassiPress <= 3.4 but didnt have tested.)
  • Ask your SMS gateway provider for their requirements.


  1. Install and activate ClassiPress from “WP-Admin >> Themes” page in Wordpress Admin panel.
  2. Install this plugin and activate ClassiPress SMS Notifications Pro from “WP-Admin >> Plugins” page in Wordpress Admin panel.
  3. Do configurations according to documents:

You can contact us directly via email (

v1.0.0 : 2018/07/10 :
– First version

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Great plugin.
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I just purchased plugin and test it with twillo its works great, its cover all aspects in classipress i was looking for this long time, Thank you.
Please consider opening support forum for purchased members.

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By hannansoft - July 21, 2018

Thanks alot for good review and thanks for your suggestion about forum.

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