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With Styles for ClassiPress you can customize the ClassiPress theme instantly without touching the code or create a child theme! Simply using the WordPress Customize (WP>Appearance>Customize) you have access to all the elements of your page:

  • Header
  • Content
  • Menus
  • Featured Slider
  • Widgets
  • Footer
  • Featured ads
  • Plain Ads

Style element’s:

1.Background color
2.Text size
3.Text color
4.Typeface-Choose between many Google Fonts
4.Border color

Added bonus, you can style your featured ads differently from your plain ads.

Please check the short videos to see how it works.

Customize ClassiPress demo1

Customize ClassiPress demo

How to install the plugin

You can play with the plugin in the demo

To login use the

and then from the admin bar select Styles ClassiPress>Customize.If you visit the site and you see it customized already hit ctrl+F5 to refresh.

the demo is not 100% functional and every hour the changes will be lost

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0.Who is it for?

For the person that wants to change background colors, text sizes, link colors and doesn’t want to edit code!

1.I installed the plugin and i dont see anything in ‘Customize’

Please make sure you have two plugins installed and activated ‘Styles-ClassiPress’ and ‘Styles‘ 

2.I want to reset a change i made in an element

In each element there is a ‘clear’ button, hit that and save.The value for that element will be reset.

3.I want to reset all changes i made to my site.

Go to WordPress>Settings>Styles and type RESET.Your site’s style will restored.

4.I have a child theme, will it work?

Difficult to say, depending on the changes the author of the child theme made to the original css rules Styles-ClassiPress will be able to style some parts of the theme.

5.Do i need to worry with future updates of ClassiPress?

No the theme works independently and i will update the code if necessary with future updates of ClassiPress.

6.I think a setting is missing

Please use the forums to post any problem/issue you find and i will assist you.

7.I cannot save the changes in the demo.

I removed the save options just for the demo.

8.Some changes i make are slow ishh

True sometimes the plugin and the browser needs one more second to apply the change.

9.Does it support mulitsite?

I haven’t tested this so i cannot tell for sure.


  • Download the plugin from your dashboard
  • Install the plugin from WordPress>Plugins>Add New.
  • Activate Styles ClassiPress.
  • Install the Styles plugin by clicking on the link “Styles for ClassiPress requires Styles be installed. Please install Styles.”
  • Actvate Styles.
  • Go to WordPress>Appearance>Customize.
  • Customize.

Alternatively you can watch the video tutorial in Youtube.

Please send an email at @ gmail com or contact me through my blog

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 Comments (14)

  • vbigdeli

    Can I edit child themes CSS as well?

    • Dimitris Bakalidis

      I’m sorry the plugin works with the default ClassiPress theme only.You may be able to change some parts of the child theme but i cannot guarantee anything.

  • joemartinez

    Tengo el ClasiPress instalado con el tema RONDEL y me gustaría saber si este plugins funciona con ambos temas.



    I have the theme installed ClassiPress RONDEL and I wonder if this plugin works with both issues.

  • author

    I am sorry Styles for ClassiPress works with the default theme only (ClassiPress).

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  • nanatanjung74

    HOW TO GET ClassiPress

  • mtaleblou

    Does this work with Simply Responsive child theme?

  • Dimitris Bakalidis

    I am sorry it works only with the default CP theme.

    • sundus

      I installed all this plugin “Styles for ClassiPress plugin” and activate them but still when i press to customize option nothing appears to me so i can change color of theme

  • sundus

    I buy this plugin but when i install it and activate it this problem appears
    The plugin does not have a valid header.
    can you help me please

  • sundus

    I installed all this plugin “Styles for ClassiPress plugin” and activate them but still when i press to customize option nothing appears to me so i can change color of theme

  • ghostho


    i have adflash theme and i can nothing change. I dont know that is only for classipress theme. Can i get my money back ???????

  • author

    @ghosto, i apologize for the late response, i missed your comment.I cannot help you with refunds, please send an email to directly to assist you.


  • majorie

    does this work with classipress 3.5.7 ? and can it change featured slider image size?

  • author

    Hi, it works with 3.5.7 but it does not have any option for the dimensions of the slider images, i am sorry.

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