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RateMyReview for Vantage is a very useful plugin to create a fresh community of reviewers through adding emotional rating options for each review submitted to the website.

Following the same approach of the most popular successful reviews guide – Yelp -,  RateMyReview is built to allow users to give reviews “thumbs-up” if it is “Useful, Funny or Cool.

RateMyReview features:

  • Allow users to upvote others’ reviews.
  • Upvote the review as funny, useful, cool.
  • Widget for the Review of the day (The most rated review), The same approach as Yelp.com.
  • Customizable options through the admin.
  • Ability to add more emotions.
  • Restrict double Rating.
  • Restrict rating for guests,users or both.
  • Options to edit the texts (Was this review?.. and Thanks for your review ).
  • RateMyReview works with any Vantage child theme.

Dedicated support | We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.
We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within minutes..

Suggestions and Feedback | Our best ideas come from your suggestions so we take feedback seriously. If you have an idea or want to make a suggestion please let us know.

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A/Using automatical upload:

* Go to plugins => add new plugin =>Upload the plugin
* Activate the plugin.

B/Using FTP access:
* Download and Upload files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
* Go to wordpress dashboard Plugins => Activate the plugin

– A new sub menu in the dashboard will then be immediately created.

We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.

We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

We respond to customers’ questions and provide a limited support only by email.

Support covers:

  • Pre-sales questions.
  • Responding to questions or issues regarding the item and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions (appthemes and wordpress..).

Item support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services.
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins.

If you are facing a suspected issue, before you ask your question, make sure:

  • You read the docs and/or readme.txt file and that You browsed all the options of the parent theme .
  • Activate a clean install of the parent theme and test again
  • Deactivate all plugins and test again
  • Clean the cached files and data if you use any cache, security, speedup plug-ins or a server cache system. Then try again.
  • Browse the forums.appthemes.com for relevant answers.
  • Do not post issues’ questions in the comments section. It’s for comments and presales questions only.

If any of the previous steps didn’t work, email us by explaining the issue or question mentioning your username at appthemes.com. (If you don’t mention Your username, You’ll risk to receive a very late response. It’s the proof that You purchased our item )

We always try our best to help our beloved customers with small custom mods, but in case they take a long time and more efforts than editing a couple of php or css lines, we would recommend hiring an independent developer to help you with the task. or simply post it as a request at codeable.io.

– Presales questions don’t have to go through the steps above! Email any question. anytime.

– VIP* customers receive unlimited and prompt support by email.

*: VIP customers are the ones they bought more than 3 of our products. Our replies are always fast, since 87% of our clients are VIP.

Version 1.0.1
* Fixed error showing if used on a child theme

Version 1.0 – First version.

3 reviews of “RateMyReview

5 stars
I love it!!!
By -

I really love this product as a great added value for my site! On top, Spartac and team provide excellent support all the time. What can you wish more from a business partner! Thanks a lot!

5 stars
GREAT Product
By -

I am a novice webmaster and this plugin was a snap to install and use. My only suggestion to make the plugin better would be to allow the user to select from a pool of smileys, bulbs, lightning etc… (or add their own) when adding more than 3 emotions in the control panel. The existing ones are USEFUL, FUNNY and COOL which are changeable without loosing the existing emotion. But the 4th does not have an avatar. I don’t know if there is some way for the user to add this feature to the back office code.

Great product!

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5 stars
Brilliant Plugin..
By -

I am always keen to upgrade my site to keep the users coming back. This plugin like all of Spartacs plugins work out the box and is a great addition to my site. Keep them coming 🙂

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 Comments (69)

  • carpediemtim

    This editor won’t let me insert the code, so I’ll try it with escaped characters


  • carpediemtim

    Haha, that’s exactly the problem – I don’t know where this element is coming from. That is, the code inspector can see it in the index file, but of course that’s not where it’s originating from.

    I sent a PM to the facebook page that’s on your profile with the URL.

  • carpediemtim

    Yep, confirmed:

    Resolution: Comment out line 78 in ‘ratemyreview\includes\class-var-rating-top-reviews-widget.php’

    Thank you!

  • carpediemtim

    Feature request: Allow votes for ‘Not Helpful’ or ‘Dislike’ which are taken into account when figuring the most helpful comments. Example, if a review has 5 helpful votes and 4 not-helpful votes (net total of +1), and a different review has 2 helpful votes and 0 not-helpful votes (net total of +4), the second review would be shown in the most helpful section.

  • mllerena

    Hi there, does it support Vantage 4.xx?


    • author

      Unfortunately,vantage removed the reviews and rating module from vantage 4.X and they use now their Critic plugin instead.
      We will need sometime to edit our plugins (Vantage reviewer and Ratemyreview) to be compatible with Critic functions. if you are using vantage 4.X and havent got these 2 plugins, you need to wait until we announce the new version of each.
      Vantage 4.X is like a new theme, nothing like 3.X, (events were removed,reviews and ratings too.. and many other modules.. so we should treat it like a very new different theme, not just an upgrade of 3.X)
      I hope I am making sense !
      Best regards

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  • mllerena

    Hi there, let me know when you release them. Thanks

  • mllerena

    Hi there, any news about making it compatible with Vantage 4?

  • paulo36

    hello spartac
    I would like to have this RateMyReview plugin for classipress with the eClassify theme.

    best regards

    • author

      Hi Paulo,
      I am going to see if it’s compatible with the rating plugin of appthemes.
      as you know, classipress doesnt have a core built in function for reviews.

      • paulo36

        Thanks Spartac for answering me I have been trying to get in touch with you for several days without any reason because of the eclassifiy you should have an email from me at @ jobthemes.com.

        About RateMyReview if so can be installed in my eclassify (osanuncios.com) Please tell me to buy it ..

        best regards

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