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Jobs by neuvoo allows you to display relevant job listings to your blog or website. The easy-to-use settings give you the ability to select a default location/keyword, and the flexibility in what you show to your users.

Add great content to your website to increase your visitor retention and check your performance with our Dashboard.

Whether you want to create a full page dedicated to job postings or add to an existing page on your WordPress website, we provide you with a plugin that will be up and running in less than five minutes. Use our data and take advantage of cutting edge technology with just a couple of clicks!

Works with JobRoller (the WordPress job board theme) and an publisher account from neuvoo.


  • Free resource to get great job content on your website
  • Access our job database of more than 15 million jobs
  • Select from over 45 countries and 10 languages to display the jobs accordingly
  • Display the jobs with job title, location, employer name, job description excerpt and employer logo
  • Possibility to have default keyword/location to display the most relevant results for your page
  • Sort results by relevance, date
  • Select the number of jobs in the results page
  • Adjust the CSS to match the look and feel of your website
  • Can be integrated on several pages of your site (homepage and dedicated jobs page for example)
  • Access a dashboard to view your performance

Before putting our tool online, contact us via the plugin Settings to ask us to create a free account for you : Neuvoo Publisher Program

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How does neuvoo get so many job offers?

neuvoo aggregates job websites and companies’ career pages to offer you all the jobs in one place!

How is neuvoo able to share its technology with me?

We share our job offers and search engine with you through our API, implemented into a WordPress plugin to make your life easier and fill your website with awesome content!

  1. Extract the folder into your Wordpress plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Contact us at so that we can create a free account you.
  4. Configure the plugin under Settings > Neuvoo Jobs.

Contact us by email if you have any question:

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