JobRoller Authorize Ads

JobRoller Authorize Ads is a simple yet effective and time saving plugin that makes Authorizing Ads so much easier.
As we all know, each time an ad is placed you have to view the ad, hit the edit ad button, go into the admin area, and authorize from there.

Well this plugin simplifies that. You get your normal email notifying you an ad has been placed and needs to be authorised. Just click on the link and it takes you to the single ad listing page where the ad is placed. You will now notice a new button saying Authorise Ad and Delete Ad. Just check the ad over and then click on the button and voila the ad is authorised OR deleted depending on what you wish to do. NO MORE NAVIGATING ADMIN!

Button placement as standard is set to below the ad title. However a shortcode can be used to position the button in the sidebar.

In admin there are a few options.

Button Text.
You can change the displayed text.

Button Text Color.
A selection Box allowing you to change the text colour.

Button Color.
A selection Box allowing you to change the button colour.

Authorize Button Shortcode.
Area to copy the useable shortcode.


Please note. The above video is on Classipress but the plugin works the same on all themes.

Tested on Jobroller 1.8.7 Running WordPress Ver 4.7.3

Version 1.0 30/05/2017

Supports Multiple languages as you can enter your own text.

Please NOTE. Although not in the video, we have added a delete button after a few requests. 🙂


== Installation ==

Install through WordPress – administration dashboard:

1. Click ‘Plugins’
2. Click ‘Add New’
3. Click ‘Upload Plugin’
3. Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the location where you saved the zipped plugin package, click on the package:
4. Click ‘Install Now’
5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’

Install manually using FTP:

1. Extract folder and files from the zipped archive:
2. Upload the folder to your website directory, placing it in the plugins folder: wp-content/plugins
3. Activate the plugin in the ‘Installed Plugins’ section of the administration dashboard

Contact me through the plugins section of the forums.

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