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Jump start your Clipper coupon site with coupon and promotional data from iCodes India, the number one affiliate marketer in the world. Thousands of advertisers post coupons and promotions on many affiliate networks, the iCodes India review them and merge into one big database, and now you can have this data imported to your Clipper site. No more complicated CSV imports! The iCodes India Publisher Plugin does all the work for you.


  • Import coupons from India DGM affiliate network
  • Automatically create stores or define store relations
  • Automatically create categories or define category relations
  • Sends notifications about created stores
  • Sends notifications about created categories
  • Allows to filter coupons by category
  • Import logos for stores
  • Import coupons on demand or schedule hourly, twice daily or daily updates
  • Define number of coupons to import
  • Uninstall options to delete all coupons and stores created by the plugin


  • You must have a iCodes India account. Sign up for a free account at icodes-in.com.
  • The iCodes India Publisher Plugin requires Clipper 1.4 or newer.
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What themes does this work with?

iCodes India Coupons Publisher will only work with Clipper (our WordPress coupon theme), version 1.4 or later.

To install, simply upload the plugin via the WordPress Administrator Panel. Or extract the plugin’s files and manually upload via FTP.

Once activated, visit “Clipper->iCodes India” menu, and enter your API token.

Note: This plugin will automatically error and deactivate itself if the current theme is not supported. Simply reactivate the plugin through the Manage Plugins page once a support theme has been selected.

Install instructions can be found also in the iCodes plugin tutorial.

Version 1.3

  • Fixed potential issue with importing images from VC Logos service

Version 1.2

  • Added uninstall options to delete all coupons and stores created by the plugin

Version 1.1

  • Fixed issue with assigning stores, pagination related

Version 1.0

  • Initial release
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 Comments (12)

  • Elangovan A S

    I have purchased this plugin yesterday ,
    I have installed clipper theme and flatter
    I want to know in which theme this plugin is works
    and also want to know we there it works with flatter or i have to use clipper

    • author

      It works with both of them. Flatter is a Child-Theme for Clipper, so when you have it activated, the Clipper theme code also being executed, it just changes the look of Clipper, and maybe adds some features.

  • samebbaa

    I was purchased Icodes plugin on 12/31/2015 00:15:01
    Payment #: 102166 Receipt #: ch_7dIAHjXqGs5y6F
    iCodes India $29.00

    It’s not working, my icodes affiliate Id is not included in my website links,
    please visit my site and guide me how to salve it

    My site link

    My website email:

    please post the reply to the above email

    Warm Regards
    Elangovan A S

  • Elangovan A S

    I have reported to i codes as follow:-)
    I have created two website using my dgm
    affiliate id 69724 through icodes
    The first website I developed with app
    theme flatter child theme
    The second website I developed with
    icodes theme and installed icodes plugin
    In both the site, The plugin working perfectly,
    But I am not getting the dgm affiliate id 69724
    link in the first website store URL
    My doubt is Weather the id is hidden
    in the URL or missing,
    If the id is included in the URL Please send me
    a conformation email,If it is missing in the
    couponbarath site redirect store URL
    Please guide me how to solve it
    Warm Regards
    Elangovan AS

    Please go through there reply:-))
    Elangovan A S,

    Customer support has replied to your support request, #698578 with the following response:


    Your sites can only import what is in your feeds, and you only have the one feed, so if one website is showing that the affiliate IDs are included in the links, then the other website must be doing the same.

    You cannot see the affiliate links in the first website because they are hidden in a redirect, as it is not our website script I wouldn’t have a clue how to turn that option off, you will need to contact the coders of that website script.

    Kind regards


    Please conform my affiliate link in the first site
    Elangovan AS

  • Vikas


    I have been waiting for somebody to develop a plugin for iCodes India. Finally here it is, thank you.

    I have a question:

    How does the store URL look with your plugin? The default plugin with iCodes is horrible, and non SEO friendly.

    I will buy this right away if the URLs of the stores are SEO friendly like domain.com/store-name

    Let me know.



    • author

      This plugin is an extension for Clipper theme which works WordPress CMS, as you probably already know.
      Stores permalinks are configurable through the admin panel and can be SEO friendly, see the demo: http://demos.appthemes.com/clipper/stores/amazon/
      So, if the above demo wouldn’t be installed in subdirectory, the store URLs would be something like “domain.com/stores/store-name/”

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  • shravanvinu

    do you have plans to develop for VCommission India?
    Most people Use VCommission instead of DGM, As DGM approval process is strict and VCommission has good Advertiser, which converts well..

    2 people like this.

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