Hide Listing Contact Info

Hide Listing Info.

Ok so you have done all the hard work and populated your new vantage website.

The question now is. How do I get these businesses to claim their listing?

The answer is this.

Hide Listing Contact Info.

Without this plugin there really is no incentive to claim the listing. After all, the site is live and there is a listing fully visible with all the business details on there for free.  So why bother paying?

That is what I would say and think, so I doubt I would be on my own thinking that way.

So to combat this, install Hide Contact Listing Info!

With this valuable plugin all the visible contact and additional info fields will become blurred so the important contact details cannot now be viewed. The business owner is now no longer benefiting from free advertising. Therefore if they want to gain valuable business it is in their interests to Claim the Listing to unlock all the contact information.

How does it work?.

The plugin creates a ‘blur’ effect on the ad’s contact information and additional area fields.

Hide Listing Map
Hide Listing Contact
Hide Listing Social
Hide Listing Additional Info

The clickable claim listing button is visible along with the Main Pictures, Description Field and Photo area so some non critical information is still able to be viewed.

Take a look at the video below to see the plugin working.

Plugin Ver 1.0 Release 17/07/2017

Works on Vantage 4.1.1

WordPress Ver 4.8

If you wish to see it active on a live site click HERE

Please note upon first install you may need to go into plugin settings to select which fields to blur as they are not selected as standard.

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== Installation ==

Install through WordPress – administration dashboard:

1. Click ‘Plugins’
2. Click ‘Add New’
3. Click ‘Upload Plugin’
3. Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the location where you saved the zipped plugin package, click on the package: v4-authorize-button.zip
4. Click ‘Install Now’
5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’

Install manually using FTP:

1. Extract folder and files from the zipped archive: hide-listing-contact-info.zip
2. Upload the folder to your website directory, placing it in the plugins folder: wp-content/plugins
3. Activate the plugin in the ‘Installed Plugins’ section of the administration dashboard

Any questions contact me via pm or the forums.

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A very helpful plugin
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We are happy with this plugin and it works well.
Worth the money.

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 Comments (17)

  • ian hollander

    This is very useful, AJ – really a great way to encourage folks to claim a listing. Would it be possible to assign this on a listing by listing basis in the future? I’d buy this for one of our communities – but I’d want to be able to edit this on a listing by listing forward going basis so that all there already – aren’t affected.

    Nicely done – good to see some well thought out plugins coming to Vantage 4!

  • author

    If I have understood you correctly Ian this will recognise any claimed listings on the website you install the plugin on that are already there and will not blur any fields out. 🙂

    Please PM me if I have misunderstood. The live site link at the bottom of the listing had been live before the plugin was developed. It’s a V3 upgraded one and had listings already claimed.

  • mllerena

    Hi there, I’m trying to purchase this plugin but when I click add to cart it does add anything.
    Is it available?


  • author

    Apparently there was a system problem. I have been assured it’s been fixed. 🙂

  • mllerena

    Hi, I just purchased the plugin which I find very useful.
    Basic question. At what point does the contact information becomes clear? Once the listing has been paid for?
    Thanks, Mike

  • author


    Yes, once the listing is claimed and paid for the contact information becomes visible. 🙂

    Or as admin if you went into the listing details, you could assign the ad to a user and un-check the Claim Listing box if for example they paid manually via bank transfer or cheque. 🙂

    • mllerena

      Great! I like this plugin very much so far, but it has been only a few hours 🙂
      We were looking for something like this.

      aj2703 likes this.
  • ian hollander

    Hi again AJ –

    The site I wanted to test this on is a recent conversion to Vantage (and 4.0) from another directory framework – we have about 350 listings – but “claim” hasn’t been part of the process flow for any of our users, so all old listings are un-claimed. (even the premium members – of which, about 75 are – who pay externally, as you mention above – through a different payment sequence that “gets them” a premium listing on the site as well)

    So my question is – which you may have answered already above – we could manually set these folks as “claimed” within the listing itself – to avoid their info from being blurred – so that retroactive members are protected (unaffected)?

    Is there a way to associate the same basic effect on “non premium” listings as well – rather than claimed/unclaimed? (I haven’t really used the claim function on Vantage as a selling point – but this seems to make a persuasive argument to start 🙂


  • author

    Ian, send me a pm….. 🙂

  • mllerena

    Hi there, I’m experiencing an issue that perhaps is me not understanding it.
    When we uncheck “Claim Ad” option, the plugin thinks the ad is paid for. Is this correct?

    aj2703 likes this.
  • author

    Yes that is correct as the ad is claimed. So if the ad is claimed it then unlocks the information.

    If it is checked it means the ad is not claimed. Therefore the information is blurred and not visible until it is claimed. 🙂

  • johnjohnjohn

    Hi there

    seems great, I’m looking for a plugin that can hide all content / part of the content / contact details / …

    and visitors have to pay if they want to access this hidden content.

    Like they pay 99€ and they have full access to the directory during 1 year.

    do you plan to adapt your plugin / create a new one?

    thank you

  • author

    The plugin does 2/3 of the requests you asked for. It does not hide all the content.

    With the research we did we found that it was better to leave the potential listing owners something visible so as to give them something to give them an idea as to what their listing would looklike.

    All critical fields are hidden such as the map, contact information, social media links and the additional info.

    Once the listing is claimed all those fields also become visible.

  • richfinch


    I purchased the plugin and it seems great. There is however a slight issue…

    When I select ‘Hide Listing map’ the maps become blurred within unclaimed listings which is great but unfortunately the large map on the main listing archive page also get blurred?

    Is there any fix for this?


    richfinch likes this.
  • richfinch

    Hi, Awaiting a reply.


    Anonymous likes this.
  • author


    My apologies for not replying sooner. I’ve been away.

    We came across this problem and decided to leave it as is as there are problems with the vantage results option.

    For instance using the refine results option on one of my websites, if you select France it does not find any listings. Even though there are over 100 in there. If however you select England it finds them.

    By default, the plugin shows according to the listings. For example.

    If the top ad in the results is a claimed ad it opens the map. If it’s not claimed it does not show. There is no obvious route to a fix if the results show both claimed and non claimed when viewing the archive pages.

    richfinch likes this.

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