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Once the visitor agrees to allow their browser to share their location, their current location (accuracy varies per browser on a pc) is auto-filled in the ‘City or Zip/Postal Code’ field in the ‘Refine Results’ box. The ads found within the ‘Radius’ will be displayed showing the ‘distance away’ from the zip/postal code once the ‘Refine Results’ button is clicked. Clicking the arrow on each ads distance displayed will drop down sub-menus: Directions, Map, Map & Directions. Clicking any sub-menu item will open a new tab, giving driving directions, map or map & driving directions.

SMARTPHONE OPTIMIZED: The auto location is optimized for smartphone use. While traveling, this plugin utilizes the high accuracy of the phone’s GPS to pinpoint your exact location. As you travel, you will see the location update automatically. Click the ‘Refine Results’ button to find the ads near your location and to pause the auto location feature. On the move again? Refresh the smartphone’s browser and your location begins filling the ‘City or Zip/Postal Code’ field automatically as you travel.

Displaying the distance away is useful when selling large items where the customer has to pick an item up (ie. autos, motorcycles, etc.).

You choose either miles or kilometers, the distance displayed will be in that particular unit of measure.

Feature Highlights

Totally customize how the ‘distance away’ looks on your site.
Make the ‘distance away’ display match your site by selecting:

  • font color – click in the ‘Font Color’ text box, a pop-up window of colors appears. Click the color for your font.
  • background color – click in the ‘Background Color’ text box, a pop-up window of colors appears. Click the color for your background.
  • location to ‘display the GEO distance’ on the classified ads – left, center, right
  • select the Distance Unit – ‘miles’ or ‘kilometers’
  • choose a ‘flat’ style or a ‘3D’ style for your display

Don’t make your customers guess how far they’d have to travel to pick up an ad item, let them see the ‘distance away’ on every ad they view! And allow them to get directions, map or map & directions with a simple click on the drop down sub-menu!

Works with the ClassiPress theme.
Tested and works on WordPress ver. 3.7.1 and greater.
Tested and works on ClassiPress ver. 3.0 and greater.

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What version of ClassiPress and WordPress does this work with?

Tested and works on Wordpress ver. 3.7.1 and greater.
Tested and works on ClassiPress ver. 3.0 and greater.

Why don’t I see the distance displayed on my ads?

Make sure the ‘enabled’ checkbox is checked on the plugin admin page.
Make sure you are using the Refine Results (advanced search feature built into ClassiPress). See documentation here.
Make sure you enter a zip/postal code or city, state and other parameters within the Refine Results which will find ads within those parameters.

To install, upload the plugin via the WordPress Administrator Panel. Or extract the plugin’s files and manually upload via FTP.

Once activated, click on the “Display Distance” menu found under the ClassiPress menu on the left sidebar. Make your selections then click the ‘Save’ button.

Version 1.26
Feature Added – Added ability to enter your Google API Keys for Geocoding and Maps

Version 1.25
Auto populates address now when category selected from hovering navigation menu as well as from category drop down box.

Version 1.24
Bug fixes

Version 1.23
Feature Added – Added admin setting where user can select: ‘Use Google CDN jQuery?’ or not.
By selecting ‘No’, this fixes other jQuery issues such as lightbox not functioning properly.

Fixes – Fixed issue which could cause site to load slow.

Version 1.22, 1.21
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

Features Added:

– Auto location: Once a visitor agrees to share their location, the city or postal/zip code field automatically pre-fills their current location.

– Sub-menus: Each ad now has a sub-menu: Directions, Map, Map & Directions. Clicking any will open a new tab giving you the directions and/or map.

– Smartphone Optimized: Taking advantage of the phone’s high accuracy GPS, your location updates automatically as you travel in the ‘city or postal/zip code’ field.

Version 1.1
Feature Added – select between a ‘flat’ style or the original ‘3D’ style to display the distance.
Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.01
Feature Added – in the admin page, you now select either ‘miles’ or ‘kilometers’
Minor Bug Fixes

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 Comments (91)

  • zulugogogo

    Hi, i have updated classypress and vantage and this does not seems to work – can you confirm please.

  • author

    Hi zulugogogo,

    Yes, the plugin works with the latest version.
    You can view it on my demo site here: http://displaygeodistance.com/classipressdemo/?s=What+are+you+looking+for%3F&sa=search&scat=2

  • math3399

    Hey rsmed1, did display geo work well with eclassify?!

  • author

    HI math3399,

    If eclassify uses the ClassiPress refine search field, then it should work. If you look at my demo you will see the site visitor’s address gets populated in the ‘refine search’ zip code/address field.

  • math3399

    Hmmm i dont know if i can…i can’t find that option im a beginner! 😛 I do see the display distance option in the classipress board i did enable it but still, it seem like i can’t select it when i wanna add a widget!?

  • author

    Take a look at this link which explains how to set up the advanced search in ClassiPress:

  • author

    Hi, no, I don’t have a French version.

  • tman50

    Is it possible to increase the range to between say 50km to 1000km (or miles)? Also, can it somehow be turned off if a person decides they want to see ads outside of the ranges specified in relation to their own location? And, is it possible to show miles and then km in brackets beside miles – like this
    – 50 miles (80 km)

  • author

    Hi tman50,

    Is it possible to increase the search range in ClassiPress? I looked in the ClassiPress admin settings and did not see where that could be set. You may need to ask the AppThemes guys if that is possible.

    Can it be turned off? You can turn it off on the admin side, or, if a user doesn’t want to find ads near his address, all he has to do is clear out his auto-populated address and put any address, zip code, etc. to see ads in relation to what he enters.

    In order to show miles and (km) for each ad, I would need to write some custom code to show both distances like: 50 miles (80km).

  • hkhan75002

    I bought this nice plugin..awesome work. I was wondering if there is a way to place it on front page sidebar?

  • author

    Hi hkhan75002,
    The plugin is tied in with the theme’s advanced search feature, which requires that you be on a category page before it shows up in the sidebar. So, as of now, no, it can’t go on the front page.

    hkhan75002 likes this.
  • letilove

    Hello, I bought the plugin today,
    I have a question:
    files with ftp must be copied to the “ClassiPress” folder?

  • letilove

    I have installed the plugin;
    Now I see in the Control Panel “Display Distance” menu found under the ClassiPress
    I have
    Enable Display Distance,
    but, I do not see nothing online…

    Maybe I should put the files to another folder?
    (I am now in the folder wp-content> plugins> display-geo-distance)

  • philip

    In Firefox and on Safari(IPhone), the city field is filled with this

    Notice: Use of undefined constant lat – assumed ‘lat’ in /data/wordpress/{website}.com/wp-content/plugins/display-geo-distance/getAddy.php on line 7

    Notice: Use of undefined constant lng – assumed ‘lng’ in /data/wordpress/{website}.com/wp-content/plugins/display-geo-distance/getAddy.php on line 11

    Notice: Use of undefined constant latprev – assumed ‘latprev’ in /data/wordpress/{website}.com/wp-content/plugins/display-geo-distance/getAddy.php on line 13

    Notice: Use of undefined constant lngprev – assumed ‘lngprev’ in /data/wordpress/{website}.com/wp-content/plugins/display-geo-distance/getAddy.php on line 15
    26 Avenue St Denis, Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R0, Canada)

    Any idea on how to fix this issue ?



  • author

    Hi Philip,
    What date did you purchase the plugin?

  • author

    I sent you an email which should correct those messages.

  • fabiocaroli

    hi i activate now your pluginn–take a look
    i want to ask you: can you send me the code with instead of now
    “Distance: 0.3 miles away”
    “Distanza 0,3 Km.”
    in km and italian ?
    tanks 🙂

  • author

    Hi fabiocaroli,
    Yes, I can change the text to the Italian version. Once I change it I will send it to you in an email.

  • obaidnet

    Hey this plugin does not auto locate if the permalink is set to default. Is there a way to fix this issue. Im using the Classipress theme. It works fine if it is set to custom permalink. The problem with custom structure is category part works but everytime i click an ad it does nothing.

    • guiadelamujer

      Hi bro, im using your plugin in vantage site, if you remember i have used in bfinder, but i will give it a try in vantage.

      gets the adress right and everything but is not searching, all the business i enter doesnt show me any results.

      Im guessing if this has to do with the changes google did this 22 june

      I had a lot of problems just to set the map in vantage due to this change of google, i didnt input any API key in geocoding part of vantage.

      Can you help me with this?, best regards

  • Sami

    Hi, I am hoping to purchase your geo plugin and a classified theme. I will like to know if the geo distance works in countries that don’t use postcodes or zip codes and just have city names and towns. Thanks for your timely response. Sami.

  • author

    Hi Sami,

    I believe the plugin would work. I had a previous customer use it in a place that didn’t have street addresses (Thailand I believe). He entered the longitude/latitude of the places he was listing in his classified ads.

  • oachour

    hey , this plugin not work with my theme , i use Simply Responsive Child Theme , can you plz help to make this plugin work with my theme thanks

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