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Once the visitor agrees to allow their browser to share their location, their current location (accuracy varies per browser on a pc) is auto-filled in the ‘Near’ field. The ads found within the ‘Radius’ will be displayed showing the ‘distance away’ from the zip/postal code once the ‘Search’ button is clicked. Clicking the arrow on each ads distance displayed will drop down sub-menus: Directions, Map, Map & Directions. Clicking any sub-menu item will open a new tab, giving driving directions, map or map & driving directions.

If you use the Vantage ‘Single Listing/Event Map’ widget on the Single Listing Sidebar with the option ‘Show driving directions’ checked, the visitor’s current location will also be auto-filled in that field.

SMARTPHONE OPTIMIZED: The auto location is optimized for smartphone use. While traveling, this plugin utilizes the high accuracy of the phone’s GPS to pinpoint your exact location. As you travel, you will see the location update automatically. Click the ‘Search’ button to find the ads near your location and to pause the auto location feature. On the move again? Refresh the smartphone’s browser and your location begins filling the ‘Near’ field automatically as you travel.

Whether your settings are set to miles or kilometers, the distance displayed will be in that particular unit of measure.

Feature Highlights

Totally customize how the ‘distance away’ looks on your site.
Make the ‘distance away’ display match your site by selecting:

  • font color – click in the ‘Font Color’ text box, a pop-up window of colors appears. Click the color for your font.
  • background color – click in the ‘Background Color’ text box, a pop-up window of colors appears. Click the color for your background.
  • location to ‘display the GEO distance’ on the classified ads – left, center, right
  • select the Distance Unit – ‘miles’ or ‘kilometers’
  • choose a ‘flat’ style or a ’3D’ style for your display

Don’t make your visitors guess how far they’d have to travel to a particular directory listing, let them see the ‘distance away’ on every listing they view!

Works with the Vantage theme.
Tested and works on WordPress ver. 3.9 and greater.
Tested and works up to  Vantage ver. 3.x.
Tested and works on Directory child theme.

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What version of Vantage and WordPress does this work with?

Tested and works on Wordpress ver. 3.9 and greater.
Tested and works on Vantage ver. 1.3 up to but not including ver. 4.0.
Tested and works with the Directory child theme.

To install, upload the plugin via the WordPress Administrator Panel. Or extract the plugin’s files and manually upload via FTP.

Once activated, click on the “Display Distance” menu found under the Vantage menu on the left sidebar. Make your selections then click the ‘Save’ button.

Version 1.32
Fixed issue where map zoom feature would not work properly

Version 1.31
Feature Added – Added ability to enter your Google API Keys for Geocoding and Maps

Version 1.30
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.29
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.28
Bug fixes

Version 1.27
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.26
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.25
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.24
Minor bug fixes

Version 1.23
Feature Added – If you use the Vantage ‘Single Listing/Event Map’ widget on the Single Listing Sidebar with the option ‘Show driving directions’ checked, the visitor’s current location will also be auto-filled in that field.

Fixed issue which could cause site to load slow.

Version 1.22
Feature Added – Added admin setting where user can select: ‘Use Google CDN jQuery?’ or not.
By selecting ‘No’, this fixes an issue where Vantage map doesn’t show correctly or address is not auto-populating in ‘Near’ field.

Version 1.21

Features Added:

– Auto location: Once a visitor agrees to share their location, the city or postal/zip code field automatically pre-fills their current location in the ‘Near’ field.

– Sub-menus: Each ad now has a sub-menu: Directions, Map, Map & Directions. Clicking any will open a new tab giving you the directions and/or map.

– Smartphone Optimized: Taking advantage of the phone’s high accuracy GPS, your location updates automatically as you travel in the ‘Near’ field.

Version 1.2
Feature Added – you can now place the GEO display at the top of each listing (right or left side).
Fixed compatibility issue with the Directory child theme.

Version 1.1
Feature Added – select between a ‘flat’ style or the original ’3D’ style to display the distance.
Minor Bug Fixes

Initial Release

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 Comments (61)

  • Rsmed1

    Yes, I will modify it for you.

    guiadelamujer likes this.
    • guiadelamujer

      Hi Rick, im not using bfinder anymore, and i want to use your plugin to change the feel of my site, can you check please why it doesnt show any results? it gettting fine the near field adress but once you make a search displays under 0.2 kms and zero results

  • guiadelamujer

    Hi bro, i just purchased the item, how do i get the modified files?

    do you need my email?

  • xpose


    I bought the Display GEO Distance Vantage plugin a while ago and it works great with the Vantage theme.

    However, the standard widget map in the sidebar of the listings stopped working (i.e. the map zoom stopped working and the “Get directions” feature stopped working).

    When I deactivate the “Display GEO Distance Vantage” plugin, then the atandard map widget works fine again.

    There seems to be a conflict between the two.

    Love your plugin but had to deactivate it for now.

    xpose likes this.
  • mnio

    Hi, is this feature ‘Auto location: Once a visitor agrees to share their location, the ‘near’ field automatically pre-fills their current location.’ still current? Doesn’t appear to work in the Demo.

    Looking for a replacement for https://marketplace.appthemes.com/plugins/user-locator-vantage/ … just to prefill the search bar with user location.


  • author

    Hi mnio,
    Yes it still works.
    I just tested it in Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

  • author

    Hi guiadelamujer,
    I will send you an email.

  • raythevideoguy

    Something crazy is going on. All of a sudden my search feature on Vantage was doing weird things, hanging, putting gibberish into the ‘near’ search field. I tried enabling and disabling every plugin, nothing was solving it. Finally, I removed plugins completely from WordPress, and I slowly added them back in. As soon as I added this one back in…. the trouble came right back. I removed it again, and the site was fine again.

    It worked fine 2 days ago, and I haven’t made any changes to the site

  • raythevideoguy

    It appears that VANTAGE may be the real issue. While the major problems go away when the plugin is removed…. the search features are still kind of whacky.

  • xpose

    Hi Rick

    Displkay Google Distance Vantage

    Thanks for all the help before – much appreciated.

    Problem 1 – When searching for a business in a specific town then the search seems to take forever (up to 2 minutes) before the listings are displayed.

    Problem 2 – For some reason the plugin displays all searched listings as ‘0 km away’ from the town – although they are quite some distance away.

    I deactivated all plugins and reactivated them one by one but the problems remain.

    My site http://www.xpose.co.za

    Let me know if I can send you a PM with login details.

    Regards – Denzil

  • author

    Hi Denzil,

    Yes you can PM me with login details.

  • skeyser1987

    please help me.i recently bought the plugin and when i activate it and i go to my home screen the near field displays a ridiculously long location “
    Notice: Use of undefined constant lat – assumed ‘lat’ in /var/www/vhosts//httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/display-geo-distance-vantage/getAddy.php</b………… and it just goes on and its not really user friendly as i cant change the location either off a mobile device.and sometimes the maps just turn blue and dont show picture.but when i deactivate this plugin everything is fine.how can i get this to work?

  • author

    Hi skeyser1987,

    I posted your issue in the support forum here:

    Please go there and give me the link to your site.


  • psicalize

    Esta funcionando no Vantage 4.x?

  • author

    Hi psicalize,

    This plugin will not function with Vantage 4.x.

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