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The CP Premium Add-ons (CPPA) Plugin is an extremely powerful extension for ClassiPress theme that will let you create unlimited premium add-ons, each having its own price and validity period.

The ClassiPress theme only comes with a single premium add-on by default, which is the featured ads slider on the homepage, and as a classified site owner, we are pretty sure you would be interested in more ways to monetise your website. The CP Premium Add-ons plugin will allow you to create packages of different visual enhancements and offer them to your customer for a fee that is set by you for a period that you will decide. The built in visual enhancements, or “presets” are:

  • Background Highlight: Choose any colour for highlighting ads.
  • Ribbon Image: Allows you to upload and display any image on an ad at any position.
  • List Top: Allows you to display ad on top of category page, search page, and homepage.

You can “mix and match” the aforementioned enhancements as part of your add-on, and give your customers full value for their money. For example you can charge your customers for a single add-on that will display their ad at the top of search results as well as have a “Top Ad” ribbon and a background highlight, or if you wish, have three different add-ons for each of the enhancements. You can also create different add-ons with exactly the same presets, charge them based on different timeframes. For example, you can have a “Top Ad 30 Days” set to run for for $10, and a cheaper option “Top Ad 1 Week” set to run for just 7 days for $3, giving your customers the same enhancements, just for different time periods.

Then, there is a small matter of associating the add-ons with membership or ad packages. We have got you covered here as well. Just add a list of comma separated IDs or membership packs or ad packs in the plugin settings and see them automatically applied when ads are posted as a part of packages.

Key Features

  • No limits to how many add-ons you can create.
  • Add-ons can have their own prices.
  • Add-ons can have their own duration.
  • Add-ons can be selected and paid for during ad posting or re-listing process.
  • Auto apply add-ons based to ads based on author IDs, ad pack IDs, or membership pack IDs.
  • Built in visual enhancements like “background highlight”, “ribbon image”, or “top of list”.
  • Possible to offer the same enhancements for different durations for different prices.
  • Apply or remove add-ons on ads on the fly from the admin panel.
  • Three sample add-ons when you install the plugin: “Urgent Ad”, “Top Ad” and “Highlight Ad”.
  • Possible to create more enhancements using code.
  • Export, import, or reset settings.
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.5.2+.

The Plugin Defaults

To get you started, we have already included three sample add-ons: “Urgent Ad”, “Top Ad” and “Highlight Ad” each ready to be applied when you enable them. You can modify them, remove them or use them as they are, depending on how useful you find them.

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  1. Download the plugin zip file cp-premium-add-ons.zip.
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard → Plugins → Add new -→ Upload
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from Plugins page.
  4. Find the menu “ClassiPress” on the WordPress administration page. Click on “Premium Add-ons” link under it and proceed to configure the plugin.

Support Policy

Item support is only available via email from our email address:

Before you email us, please make sure you have read through the Support FAQs below:

Support FAQs

  • What kind of support is offered with a purchased product?
    Your product purchase includes one year of access to premium support via email and one year or free updates. Beyond that, you will need to renew your subscription year on year for around 30% of the product price. Support covers issues such as bug fixes (if any) under normal operation, how to use basic product features, very basic WordPress help, and help with very basic theme customisaton. If you need more advanced modifications please consider hiring a developer to do it for you.
  • Will you provide help with small modifications?
    If you need to do small modifications, you may get help from us as long as they are reasonable in number and nature. If you have a lot of such modifications, please consider paid developer help.
  • What kind of help would be unreasonable to ask?
    This is not an easy question to answer. We are here to ensure that the product you purchased works as intended by us and serves its purpose on your website. That means if it doesn’t work for you, we can step in and help you with it. However, it is when there are no issues with the functioning of the product and all you want is help with modification, that demands start getting unreasonable.
    As mentioned before, we don’t mind helping with modifications, but we also expect you to have tried everything to do it yourself. In other words, we expect you to have tried all the settings in your theme, ensured that the issue relates to the product in question, searched through legacy product support forum, and looked around on Google for the answer to your questions before approaching us. Please bear in mind that one theme, one child theme and a few plugins can get you only so far, and you will probably need to make changes to the code of your website to add functionality, change design and personalise it. In case of too many modifications, we will politely ask you to seek paid help.
  • I am using one of your child themes. I am having an issue with it.
    Please make sure the issue is really with the child theme by activating the parent theme and checking if the problem gets solved. Also please make sure you have tested all the settings in parent theme and child theme, sometimes the answer is right in there! Send us an email if the issue still persists.
  • I am using one of your child themes. I need help with customisation.
    As a pre-requisite, you are going to need a basic understanding of HTML & CSS to start customising the layout and style of your theme. To dig deeper PHP knowledge, specifically to WordPress, will help as well. The WordPress Codex is a great place to start learning. For CSS changes related to text colour, background colour, fonts, etc, please consider using the Firebug extension. A simple Google search returns many good text/video tutorials.
  • Do you offer paid WordPress development services?
    Yes we do depending on our work schedule. You can always run your requirements by us via email.
1.0.3 (22/07/2017)

- Membership percentage discount not being applied to total amount
- Translation file not loading

- Added do_action calls when an add-on is applied or removed for extensibility 1.0.2 (27/02/2016) NEW - Added incompatibility notice for older versions of ACFCP - Added POT file for translation 1.0.1 (26/02/2016) FIXES - Incompatibility notice appearing on child theme 1.0.0 (26/02/2016) - Initial Release Version (at the time of ClassiPress 3.5.3)

3 reviews of “CP Premium Add-ons

5 stars
This is a Great Plugin with great support!
By -

I had been looking for this solution for several months and was very happy to find this plugin. So far it works flawlessly and has increased revenue fairly significantly on my site. Aside from the pre-filled premium add-ons, you can also add your own custom one ones – such as ‘Share Ad on Social Media’ or ‘Share Ad on Newsletter.’ To boot Moshin is very responsive and supportive of his plugins. Thank you!

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5 stars
Just What I Was Looking For
By -

The plugin has a simple interface and yet very powerful, I wanted more than one visual enhacement for my customers and not just the one built-in featured ad that classipress offers. Every time you create a new add-on you can assign its own css class, which means you can create an specific css class for each premium add-on you create. I’ve been using it for over a week and I’m happy with it. Amazing plugin.

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4.5 stars
By -


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 Comments (93)

  • author

    Hi, it’s the latest dev version

    3.5.7-dev-2016-07-05.0 [f69f915e95]

    With the classy chiltheme

    Theme: Classy

    Author: jobthemes.com

    Version: 1.0.3

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  • thao

    you have created addon top ads?
    it’s show wrong css

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  • cm2media

    I would like to know the same thing.

    Can I setup featured ads with this plugin to be populated in the featured Ads slider on the homepage of ClassiPress?

    Trying to find a way to set different durations and pricing for featured ads.

    • Mohsin

      Hi there,

      Well, the plugin doesn’t do that on the fly. However if you know PHP/WordPress API, you can perhaps edit the slider code.

      Best Regards,

  • cm2media


    Is it possible to restrict Add-ons for specific categories? like Top Ad $5 for Category 1, Top Ad $7 for Category 2.

    And can you restrict the number of add-ons that can be bought by users. so ‘Top Ad’ can only be bought by 5 people, so only 5 Top Ads are actively displayed. If I have 100 people buying a top ad then it will look chaotic.


    3 people like this.
    • Mohsin

      Hi there,

      It is a good idea, however the plugin doesn’t currently allow for that. 100 people buying a top ad should be a cause of joy rather than concern. 🙂

      Best Regards,

      • salujo70

        haizzz, bad services
        That mean you have 2 addon.
        1. Top AD for 7 day with 5$
        2. Top AD for 30day 20$
        User bought option 1. 35 user

        User bought option 2: 5 User

        Thinking, if you have bought option 2 with 20$, All ads for you will be show bellow all ads options 1. ===> If you don’t update Order by Addon, it will the bad plugins

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  • cm2media

    From a business view its not good and undermines a great potential revenue stream.

    Why would I pay (as an advertiser) more money to be featured at the top if 20 other people do too then I’m pushed from the top. There has to be a limit in place to ensure maximum visibility for advertisers or it’s useless as a revenue stream because you’ll get complaints and no one will purchase the top ad again.

    2 people like this.
  • carlodemesa


    Is this plugin fully compatible with Adsplash child theme (https://marketplace.appthemes.com/child-themes/classipress/adsplash/)?


    • Mohsin

      Thanks for your interest. We haven’t personally tested it on that theme. But you can always email us for support if you run into any issues.

      Best Regards,

  • rower


    Is this plugin fully compatible with Classy child theme ?

  • cm2media


    Is there any way to add the urgent or top ad ribbon to Ads located in the featured slider on the Classipress homepage?

    If I set an Ad to urgent it shows the ribbon on all pages but not when its in the featured slider.

  • Jorge

    Hello, I purchased today CP PREMIUM and have installed and activated in my website but premium add ons is not visible when posting new add. Hope you can help me to see whats wrong.

    I have instelled latest version of classipress and classy child theme.

    WEBSITE http://vendetodito.com

  • joergrhode

    Hello, I´ve purchased the plugin, but it´s totally not working. I tried to start with the sample data. But that did not work. Even self-made profiles did not go either. Are there any general sources of error that I can exclude? For example the ID of the Member Ship packages, I see there always only the name which I assigned for the packages. I do not see numbers there. Can this be an issue? Thanks in advance for the help.

  • joergrhode

    Thank you very much! It works very well.

  • xisoil

    Hi Mohsin,

    The plugin is running fine, and I’m offering my clients to chose between 3 colors the moment they want to list a featured ad. Yellow, red and blue. Being the yellow ad a bit more expensive than red and red a bit more expensive than blue. The thing is that when someone chose blue and the payment is complete, the ad goes on top of yellow and red, so basically it considers the date of creation of the ad but not the criteria I’d like them to have. I mean, Yellow always on top, then red and finally blue (all of them on top of non featured ads). Is this possible to achieve? I don’t want the blue customers to go on top just because they created the ad today, I’d like the blue ads to go below red, and red below yellow without considering date of creation.

    Please, need some help here.

    • Mohsin

      Hi there,

      The plugin only supports top ads on one kind, not different top ads with different weightage. So it won’t support at top of top ad add-on, or top on top on top kind of an add-on. It could be possible via custom coding, the plugin code in un-encrypted so you can get it modified as you wish.

      Best Regards,

  • D. Cholley

    I have bought and installed your plugin on my 2 websites Classipress, but I do not know really how it works.
    I am french, sorry for my english.
    My folder her /wp-content/plugins/cp-premium-add-ons/languages/ seems to be empty.
    Could somebody help me IN FRENCH to use this plugin on my websites ?
    Thank you.
    I can give anyone my personal email adress.

    • Mohsin

      Hi there,

      I am sorry for the trouble you are facing, but I don’t understand French. If you’re up for asking support in English, please send an email detailing the problem you are facing and I will guide you. Our email address is mentioned under the support tab.

      • D. Cholley

        Thank you for your answer…
        I would like to meet someone, if possible a FRENCH guy, to help me on my websites WP / Classipress, just for details, little things I do not understand or find where and what to do…Don’t you have a french buyer who could contact me directly ?

        • Mohsin

          You can post in the AppThemes forums to see if another community member who is French is willing to help you out.

  • D. Cholley

    Thank you Mohsin, I’ll go on the forum to hope some french help !..
    Your plugin is on my two websites, and I would be happy to use it quickly.

  • Eric

    Hi, am intending to purchase classipress theme and have found out that CC Premium Ad-on is useful for a classified website. So my question is

    can I reserve maybe 5 slots in every category (to always remain on top in that category) for people to post premium ads for a given period of time?

    Assume all the 5 slots in that category are occupied and another person wants to post his ad in that top 5 slots in that category, what happens? Can this adon, tell that user the slots are occupied and he can book for a slot in that category in advance so that his ad can be placed in queue and he should also be notified at what exact time his ad will occupy that slot but meanwhile, his add will be listed among the others down the list.

    Suppose I have a category called Vehicles and a subcategory called small cars, another big cars, another buses all these sub categories under one category called vehicles. If I set top 5 slots in every category to be premium, how will the CC Premium Ad-on handle this? as in will it consider five slots in the category vehicles or it will consider 5 slots in every subcategory of the category “vehicles”

  • nickk37

    Hi Mohsin,

    It is possible to offer customers the ability to update a current ad to a highlighted?

    Best regards.

  • D. Cholley

    If there is somewhere a french webmaster ( un webmaster français !..) who could help me to install this plugin on my 2 websites…
    Thank You !

    Anonymous likes this.
  • Fanatic Web

    Me again 🙂

    So the Top Ad feature, it doesn’t act like a sticky ad feature, does it? Cause when landing on the Homepage, the Top ads labeled ads are not showing up on top, is this normal?

    • Mohsin

      Hi there,

      It depends on whether the “Top Ad” addon is configured to appear on the top of homepage. In the demo we only have “Urgent Ad” configured to show on top of homepage.

  • cedricquestel


    I bought CP Premium Add-ons.

    But it doesn’t work with a memebership package (-50% on all ads).

    See file : https://saint-barth-annonces.fr/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Capture.jpg

    The ad cost 49€ – 50% = 25€ | But the upsales (4€ and 6€) are not affected by the -50%

    Thank you for your help

  • Nickk37

    I have a really annoying bug.
    When a costumer pays for een premium add with the premium add-ons plugin, the system sends me duplicate mails of the order (see picture).
    Everytime the system sends a new mail, the ad on my website is refreshing himself, so he is placed again.
    I don’t know what plugin is causing this bug and now is my question; can someone help me to find the problem and solve it?
    If there are any questions about my problem, u can ask them !
    I asked this question first in the classipress forum, but they told me to ask this question to you.
    I’ cant send pictures in here, so if you want to see them, u can ask.

    Kind regards,

    • author

      If you are not sure which plugin is causing it. Deactivate all plugins. Activate premium add-ons only and see if it happens. If not carry on activating the plugins one by one until the problem occurs. once it occurs you should know the plugin affecting it.

  • yarono5


    Why this item is no longer available for sale?

  • sonicxxx

    Hi, after a lot of time spending to read and learn I want to ask you for help to get linked your plugin with other one witch calls Ads Auto Re-Lister. On their plugin they have the next code get_option(“sticky_posts”) witch hook all Featured ads and relist them. And here I need your help to tell me the way how I can add ads with chosen highlight. For example I want to make all sticky, “VIP” and “Gold” ads to relist. I have tryed get_option(“sticky_posts”, “vip_ads”, “gold_ads”) with commas but it won’t work. the system relists only featured ads. Can someone tell me witch code I should use?

  • beacheddesigns

    is this plugin no longer for sale?

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