CP A-Z Users (Sellers)

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Allow your users to easily look up users with live ads with an A-Z letter based User List plugin, with user and users ads count.

  • NEW Option now available to display the list in sidebar widget
  • Fully responsive for mobile devices
  • Custom options available – see the README.txt file

To see the plugin in action please click on the demo button above.

Will this work with all child themes?
Yes, as far as we have tested.
We do not have a copy of all the child themes available in the marketplace, but we have tested the plugin with most of them.

1. Go to Plugins in your WordPress admin and then click Add New

2. Locate the cp-az-users.zip file that you downloaded from your AppThemes purchases account, install the plugin and Activate it.

3. To set up your A-Z Users page, please see the README.txt file inside the plugin folder.

If you need help setting up, installation or bug fixing, simply email me at the address given at the bottom of the README.txt file.

You may email for any customisation work too, but please note this service is not for free.

Simply email me at the address given at the bottom of the README.txt file, which is located inside the plugin folder.

=== CP A-Z Users Change log ===

Version 0.3
Added AppThemes ID tag

Version 0.2
Added Option to display in Sidebar Widget

Version 0.1
Initial Release

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 Comments (5)

  • andr3u

    Plugins video youtube?

  • author

    Are you asking if there is a YouTube video on how to use or set-up the plugin? No, there isn’t. for what reason do you need one?

    To see plugin in action, simply click on the demo link above.

    Anonymous likes this.
  • author

    Having seen this thread in the forum, I am guessing you just posted your question in the wrong place??


    Anonymous likes this.
  • robertnbg

    i write 2 time i buy somthing from you and you never answer i use email form read me so please if you dont want to answer questions write here : you can buy my plugin i never answer your question

  • author

    Sorry for delay in responding. You unfortunately purchased a day after I left on a vacation and I’m afraid Internet access in Cuba is still very limited and not easy to obtain.

    However, I am Flying back today. Naturally I’ll be jetlagged and recovering over the weekend, but I will be back at my desk and computer on Monday 19th. So Please be a little more patient.

    Can you email again on Mon explaining your issues, queries or custom requests together with your URL.

    I did manage to get an announcement out about my vacation in my child theme forum before I left, but didn’t get a message out for each plugin. I shall try address this in the future. Thanks for the tip


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