Alpha Slider for Vantage

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If you need a slider for the Vantage theme this is the one, brand new, many options, responsive, works 100%.

Now all your featured listings and events can be displayed in a slider, extra value added.


  • Responsive – touch sensitive for mobiles
  • Easily configurable
  • Optimized performance
  • Top design
  • Flexible
  • Great support

Options to control how the slider behaves

  • Auto play
  • Auto play speed
  • Slides to Scroll
  • Navigation dots

Options for the content of the slider

  • Display category
  • Display dates
  • Display phone
  • Display address

Change the style of the listings in the slider

  • Title Font size
  • Title Font color
  • Content Font size
  • Content Font color


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Does it work ?

Yes, just install it like any other plugin

Will you update it when needed? Do you accept recommendations to make it better?


Is it mobile friendly?

100% you can check the demo




Manual Installation:

  1. Download the Plugin zip file
  2. Open WP Admin dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Upload
  3. Upload and activate the Plugin from the Plugins page.
  4. Alpha slider  settings are in the Vantage menu.

The slider itself is in a widget, just add it either for listings or events and you are set.

Please send an email at @ gmail com or contact me through my blog

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 Comments (22)

  • aj2703

    There is a massive gap cause underneath the slider to the top of the listings. Looks weird..?

  • aj2703

    The slides themselves are very small too. Any way to increase them?.

  • aj2703

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  • author

    Hi aj2703, thanks for choosing Alpha.If you have any problems / questions i will be happy to help.Just send me an email at the address you will find in the support tab.


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  • author

    Forgot to add that the images could be made bigger with some css code.I am not sure why you see a gap but please use the email to help you.

  • xpose

    Hi Dimitris

    I run the Vantage theme.

    I installed the plugin but it shows the same 4 listings in the slider.

    I changed the “Slides to Scroll” to 30 but it still shows only the first 4.

    Help please.

    • author

      Hi xpose, i will be happy to help you, please send me an email at /at/ with your link to see what is happening.


  • Kristina

    Hello. Will this slider work on a Vantage child theme when you have a dedicated home page (with no listings)? I’m hoping it be below the navigation area, but above the custom home page.

    • Kristina

      I meant below the Vantage “search for” box and above the content of my static home page. Thanks!

    • meloniq


      Can you tell us the name of child theme in case you purchased it from marketplace? In case its your own custom child theme, what exactly you modified? Was it ‘wrapper.php’ file? Does it still contain the ‘va_content_container_top’ action?

  • simedia

    Hello, and thank you! It was an App Themes child theme which is no longer sold or supported in the marketplace, but it’s called Successweb for Vantage. We may change to Spartac’s directory child theme in the future, but that’s a long way off. For now, the Successweb theme works fine. I have never modified the wrapper file, and that file does NOT appear in the folder of child theme pages. I looked at that file in the Vantage folder, and it appears unmodified, and does still have the va_content_container_top action in it.

    The reason we asked is we do own the Home Control plugin which has the featured listings slider for the home page, but it’s widget based and 1) only appears to work if you have listings on the front page generally, and 2) doesn’t work with our child theme in any case, without looking very untidy, unlike yours, which is much tidier.

    Thanks again!

  • author

    Alpha Slider should work even when the homepage does not have any listings.You can try it and if you have any problems i will be happy to help.

    • Kristina

      Thank you! Because Alpha is widget based, and I use a custom home page, does it create the new widget area? Or a short code? When I tried Home Control, which also created a new widget area for the home page, my custom page failed to display correctly and the two just didn’t play nice. That’s why I’m wondering if this new widget area for Alpha will display above my custom home page area, under the “search for” box, and still permit me to keep the remainder of the custom home page.

  • author

    one way to find out.if it does not work you can get a refund.

    • simedia

      Sadly, the answer is “Nope, doesn’t work with a custom home page.” I bought the plug-in tonight and reluctantly became the beta tester for this — I’ve purchased several of these types and was hoping this one, w hich looked nicer than th eothers, would work. Unfortunately, it only works if you have listings or events on the home page — the default display. As soon as you select any other page as the static home page, the widget won’t display because it is no longer has “List Page Top Sidebar” area.

      So, can you either suggest a fix so that it displays on any home page, or, go ahead with the refund.


  • Craig

    Can you use it just for events?

    • simedia

      I’m jumping in here because I just tested it on a sandbox site a few minutes ago and can tell you right now that you can display a slider for featured events, OR a slider for featured listings. Since the plugin provides two distinct widgets, one for listings and one for events, you can also drag BOTH widgets into the designated area and display two sliders, but it displays them one on top of the other (dual row).

    • author

      Hi Craig, yes you can use the slider only for events if you like, there are two separate widgets with the plugin.

  • Tim

    Is this plugin compatible with Vantage 4.X?

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