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Koupon is absolutely a unique responsive premium clipper child theme, clean and intuitive design with revolution slider built-in and tons of features & options.

Customize your coupons website as you like, you have tons of layout possibilities with unlimited variations and colors.

Now it’s compatible with Clipper 2.X

  • Clean Design | A clean, modern and lightweight Responsive Theme.
  • Full package | Works out of the box – just install the theme on your Clipper website, activate and you’re ready.
  • Preset color schemes | 6 predefined skins – switch the look and feel of your website through the theme options.
  • Theme options panel | All theme customization is done through the unbranded theme options panel – no coding knowledge required.
  • Unlimited colors | Make your website truly yours – change the color and the background of any element on your the website. Upload images or patterns. You can choose from unlimited varieties.
  • Custom backgrounds | Customize the background of the website – you can choose between a solid color fill, a repeating texture, or a background image. You control the look of your website.
  • Patterns ready | Wide choice of custom textures included in the theme package.
  • Master slider [NEW] | The most advanced responsive slider with powerful options panel is now included in Koupon with a one click install.
  • Advertising module [NEW] | Koupon is packed with an advanced advertisement module to insert any advertising or affiliates cods, images or banner with ease to monetize your coupons website, The areas available are: Header,Footer, between coupons listings,coupon page.
  • Related Coupons [NEW] | You can enable list of related coupons in the bottom of each coupon page. This helps you to increase the page views of your coupons website.
  • Contact form template | A contact form is built-in. You can now create a contact page easily.
  • New menu | Unlike Clipper, Koupon has 3 navigations: Top, primary and Footer menu.
  • Cross Browser Compatible | We’ve tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Compatible with Clipper 2.X | Koupon is completely compatible with all the functions of clipper 2.X.
  • Dedicated support | We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.
  • Suggestions and Feedback | Our best ideas come from your suggestions so we take feedback seriously. If you have an idea or want to make a suggestion please let us know.
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Using WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to appearance => themes
  2. Install new theme
  3. Select the Koupon zip and upload it
  4. Activate the theme.

Using FTP:

  1. Extract the Koupon zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate the theme in Wordpress admin =>Appearance
  3. Your Koupon now is installed and ready for use.

Note: After activating the theme, a sub menu would be created for the theme options.

We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.

We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

We respond to customers’ questions and provide a limited support only by email.

Support covers:

  • Pre-sales questions.
  • Responding to questions or issues regarding the item and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions (appthemes and wordpress..).

Item support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services.
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins.

If you are facing a suspected issue, before you ask your question, make sure:

  • You read the docs and/or readme.txt file and that You browsed all the options of the parent theme .
  • Activate a clean install of the parent theme and test again
  • Deactivate all plugins and test again
  • Clean the cached files and data if you use any cache, security, speedup plug-ins or a server cache system. Then try again.
  • Browse the forums.appthemes.com for relevant answers.
  • Do not post issues’ questions in the comments section. It’s for comments and presales questions only.

If any of the previous steps didn’t work, email us by explaining the issue or question mentioning your username at appthemes.com. (If you don’t mention Your username, You’ll risk to receive a very late response. It’s the proof that You purchased our item )

We always try our best to help our beloved customers with small custom mods, but in case they take a long time and more efforts than editing a couple of php or css lines, we would recommend hiring an independent developer to help you with the task. or simply post it as a request at codeable.io.

– Presales questions don’t have to go through the steps above! Email any question. anytime.

– VIP* customers receive unlimited and prompt support by email.

*: VIP customers are the ones they bought more than 3 of our products. Our replies are always fast, since 87% of our clients are VIP.

2.0.2  21/20/2021
-Fixed minor css issues
-Fixed compatibility with wp 5.6

2.0.1  09/19/2020
-Fixed compatibility with wp 5.5

2.0.0 – 12/29/18
– Upgrade the whole theme to be compatible with clipper 2.X
-Fixed responsiveness
-Added home page options (Master slider, Tabs, Custom content,Top stores and coupon categories)
-Migrated the theme options framework
-Added advanced widgets
-Added translation plugin
-Added related coupons
-Fixed css bugs since last release

1.2.3 – 01/22/17
– Fixes:
– Fixed coupon popup issue

1.2.2 – 05/11/15
– Fixes:
– Fixed copy coupon issue

1.2.1 – 05/03/15

1.2 – 05/01/15
– Compatible with clipper 1.6
– //See clipper 1.6 change logs

1.1.5 – 04/22/15
-Fixed: Search coupon loop title bug

1.1.4 – 09/04/14
– Revolution slider updated

1.1.3 – 04/21/14
– Added: The affiliate link opens with the popup window of the coupon

1.1.2 – 01/29/14
– Fixed responsiveness
– Updated to be compatible with clipper 1.5.1

1.1.1 – 12/29/13

– Fixed responsiveness in boxed layout
– Fixed – copy coupon code issue
– Fixed layout box minor bug
– Fixed minor css bugs

1.1 – 12/19/13

– Updated the theme to be compatible with clipper 1.5
– Fixed lighbox subscribe form
– Fixed responsive styles
– Fixed minor css bugs
– Fixed related coupons issue
– // See clipper 1.5 change logs

1.0: Initial release

21 reviews of “Koupon

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 Comments (593)

  • seoliving

    Really? Its more than 5 days, Still no reply From Support?

  • seoliving

    Hi Spartac,

    Details Already Sent, Please look over it asap.


  • seoliving

    Hi Team,

    Any Updates?

  • seoliving

    Wow! Its more than 8 Days and still you people are checking? You people Don’t Have Time to reply and Short issues? Never saw such a pathetic Support ever.

  • onliner1234

    I am using Clipper 2.0.1. Koupon is not compatible to it.

  • normclif

    When is the next update coming for compatibility with the current Clipper?

    • author

      Hi Normclif,
      We already started on it days ago, there is no eta for that but we expect it to be done on the first week of october.
      We haven’t just updated Koupon, but made one from scratch, because clipper 2.0 is totally new theme, in matter of the framework and design structure.

  • mourad


    Any update for koupon we almost in november 2018.

  • kinglibra

    I can’t view the live demo? I think this theme was broken

    • author

      Hi Kinglibra, can you try again please
      we have just updated the theme and its demo

      Anonymous likes this.
  • normclif

    How do we get the updated version of Koupon?
    I was unable to install original file since it was not compatible with Clipper at the time of purchase

    • author

      Install appthemes updater plugin, it will fetch the latest update of koupon.
      Look for the plugin on your appthemes downloads dashboard.

  • mouradbouikni

    Hi spatrac.

    Have you a plan to updated koupon to be compatible with the last version of clipper.

    An when this will be done.

    • author

      Hi Mourad,
      We have just released the new version, it’s now compatible with CL 2.X.
      Released 2 days ago.

  • huxh123

    hey spartac i buy this theme but she not RTL and i must RTL what can i do ?

    • author

      Hi Huxh123,
      can you please post the url so I can see it?
      if there is anything we can adjust to fit the RTL, we will do it immediately

  • huxh123

    I managed to fix but I have another problem when I’m in the second language when I click get a coupon so it makes me a 404 problem
    bcuz the “he” give me 404 can fix this and how i do pop up like this

  • mouradbouikni

    Hi spartac,

    I bought the last version of koupon.

    I have a probleme copyin the coupon.

    When I click, I can see the coupon but the theme doesn’t let me copy it .

  • mouradbouikni

    Hi spartac,

    I send you an email.

    The coupon is copied automatically, but the user doesn’t know that.

    There is no any information, that his coupon is copied.

    So when he click, he return to my site to copy the coupon manually, but he can’t.

    The theme (koupon and affiliaty) doesn’t allow that.

    What I want, is
    – the possibility to copy the coupon manually.
    – Or tell the user that his coupon is copied.

  • mouradbouikni

    Better, is to use a popup like was Couponjoy in the past.

    But couponjoy is old and doesn’t work with chrome any more.

    Have you any solution for that spartac.

  • raj

    Dont waste time here, Author wont repy or short your issues ever after you buy the theme

    • author

      Hi Raj,
      I am sorry if we gave you that image about our support.
      The same like everyone here we had few difficulties the last time , we had faced shortage in our staff, we hired 2 members only for support tasks, and we are back with power , especially to provide support to our awesome beloved clients.We never gave up our themes or their support.
      Please tell me if you still face any issue and let’s see how we help you out in a very short time.

      one more time, I am sorry to hear that 🙁


  • mouradbouikni

    I don’t think so, they are serious guys. They must be overflowed or in holiday.

  • raj

    Really? Its 6 months and they haven’t replied me…. already sent many messages

  • mouradbouikni

    Hi spartac,

    Koupon has a bad score in google PageSpeed Insights.

    have you planned corrections for that.

    • author

      Hi Mourad,
      Yes, We noticed that and we are working on it, in addition of the responsiveness (affiliaty and koupon theme together).
      We have a list of issues and enhancement points that we are implementing at this time for both themes. making them faster and better. along with other options. (Thanks to couponlover for his detailed report)

      Anonymous likes this.
  • seoliving

    Hi Spartac,

    Still my pop up button not working, please check : https://www.getpromodeals.com

    • author

      Hi Seoliving,
      you need to upgrade both clipper and koupon theme , you are still using the very old one.
      Best regards

  • mouradbouikni

    Hi spartac

    Have you any estimated date for the update of koupon ?


    • author

      Hi Mourad,
      Both koupon and affiliate are being implemented at the same time.
      We will release partial upgrades one after the other starting by the next week (approx).
      The List if a bit big, but we focus on it to finish each one of them. especially the main ones.
      -couponjoy and the lightbox,copy coupon code, enhancing the appearance and the home page + Adding a header splash (image or video ) to be under the search form on the home page ; the import data option. (did I miss anything big)

      Allow me to post the same reply on affiliaty comments 🙂

  • couponlover

    What is the difference, primarily between Koupon and Affiliaty? Which ones is more advanced, faster?

    • author

      We are going to make the same inside, with almost the same functions and options but there would be few differences.
      The fixes and enhancements we are making for affiliaty will be added to koupon as well.

      You can change the number to show on the home page , there is an option for that in affiliaty options pannel.

      couponlover likes this.
  • mouradbouikni


    is there any news for the release date of koupon ?

    • author

      Hi Mourad,
      We prepare a new update with the sum of fixes ( including affiliaty fixes ) for the next week, we expect things to be released before 18th October ( in case no urgent issue appears on any of the other items)
      Please note that we will include all affiliaty enhancements to it as well.

      Anonymous likes this.
  • mouradbouikni


    Can you reply ?

    I have to plan my project depending on this date.


  • mouradbouikni

    Hi there.

    2019 is almost finished and still no update.

    will we see it one day ?

    couponlover likes this.

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