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Joby is a premium JobRoller child theme with a modern, clean, intuitive, and fully responsive design, that looks perfect on any size tablet or mobile screen.

Joby is loaded with options,It is fully customizable theme with tons of options, unlimited colors, font variations and countless of other options to tweak your job board.

If you are interested in creating a high quality & eye catching job board, Either for job Companies, startups, recruitment agencies, HR companies or Bloggers; Joby feature-rich theme is the perfect one.

Premium Features

Creating a job board website has never been easier.

  • Full package:
    Works out of the box – just install the theme on Your Jobroller theme,activate and you are ready.
  • Powerfull Theme Options:
    Joby theme options panel allows users to customize the theme in an easy and simple way. Click-Click-Done .There’s no code knowledge required.
  • Easy Customization:
    What you need to create amazing job boards with no coding knowledge, Joby comes with the multiple options panel.
  • 8 pre-defined color schemes:
    Switch the look and feel of your website through the theme options
  • 4 Home page variations:
    Choose one of the pre-set home page templates : Default, Tabbed, Columns and categories. each template has tens of options such as : Job counter, Blog posts (Career advices and News); Reasons section, Job categories’ list, and an extra advertising banner.
  • 4 Header layouts:
    It’s very easy to pick one of 4 header options : Upload a background image, set a slider, a revolution slider or jobs google map.besides tens of other options.
  • Search bar settings:
    You can customize the search bar by choosing from its option: a location google map text field or location select menu (cities, states or countries) taht you set in the back-end.along with other options.
  • 5 Footer elements:
    We have built 5 sections for the footer: Job board stats, Testimonials carrousel, Clients’ slider, Contact banner, How to use the job board section. Also, you can customize each of them, disable or enable them, change their order and more !
  • Job listings’ settings:
    You can customize the elements to show on the job listings’ loop.Drag and drop them with ease.
  • Job single page:
    We have created 2 layouts for the job page, pick the one that suits your project.
  • Related jobs:
    You can display related jobs in the job single page.activate/deactivate it, how many jobs to display are optional.
  • Testimonials section:
    Joby came packed with testimonials module, Show up what your clients say about your job board services.
  • Clients section:
    Display a slider including clients’ logos and link them to their websites.
  • Section Backgrounds:
    Create awesome pages with the smooth parallax effect that everyone loves. You can add upload custom images , patterns or use a color as a background.
  • Unlimited colors:
    With the built-in color pickers in Joby theme options you can change the color of nearly every element of your website.
  • Wide/Boxed Layout:
    Choose between boxed and wide layout.
  • Responsive Ready:
    Joby is fully responsive. its compatible on all new & latest browsers tablets and mobile devices.
  • Flexible Layouts:
    Easily change the layout of the website by only couple of clicks.
  • Custom Fonts:
    Use unlimited Google fonts or upload custom fonts, set sizes, style, weight and much more.Joby optional panel gives control on fonts.
  • Custom Widgets:
    Featured jobs widget, Jobs map, Custom button, Twitter recent tweets.
  • Footer custom widgets:
    Use single, dual or no sidebars on any post or page. Control the sidebar widths, positions and much more.
  • SEO Friendly Code:
    Joby built with following the best SEO practices to help for best ranking in search engine for your website compatibility.
  • Shortcode generator:
    Joby shortcode generator is what you need. The shortcodes allow you to build pages easily and quickly in different ways.
  • Custom codes:
    After all these options, You can place your customized css and js codes to affect the appearance of your website.
  • Contact page:
    Joby includes a contact form page which you can customize through the themes options’ panel, also, You can show the address’ using an embed google map.
  • Revolution Slider Included -save $19-:
     The most advanced responsive slider plugin with powerful options panel is now included in Joby with a one click install.
  • Built On Bootstrap 3x-:
    Joby was built on Bootstrap , the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for responsive websites.
  • More extra advanced options:
    There are more other options , we try to list few here such as : Featured jobs slider option, Set an animated page loader effect, Upload an image if there is no job listing logo, Featured jobs ribbons (upload your own), Patterns ready, Social media icons,Top fixed menu or not , Full-width page template !……When we said there are tons of options in the backend, We meant it.
  • Dedicated support:
    We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.
    We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.
  • Suggestions and Feedback:
    Our best ideas come from your suggestions so we take feedback seriously.
    If you have an idea or want to make a suggestion please let us know.
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Using WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to appearance => themes
  2. Install new theme
  3. Select the Joby zip and upload it
  4. Activate the theme

Using FTP:

  1. Extract the Joby zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate the theme in WordPress admin =>Appearance
  3. Your Joby now is installed and ready for use.

Note: After activating the theme, a sub menu would be created for the theme options.

We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.

We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

We respond to customers’ questions and provide a limited support only by email.

Support covers:

  • Pre-sales questions.
  • Responding to questions or issues regarding the item and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions (appthemes and wordpress..).

Item support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services.
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins.

If you are facing a suspected issue, before you ask your question, make sure:

  • You read the docs and/or readme.txt file and that You browsed all the options of the parent theme .
  • Activate a clean install of the parent theme and test again
  • Deactivate all plugins and test again
  • Clean the cached files and data if you use any cache, security, speedup plug-ins or a server cache system. Then try again.
  • Browse the for relevant answers.
  • Do not post issues’ questions in the comments section. It’s for comments and presales questions only.

If any of the previous steps didn’t work, email us by explaining the issue or question mentioning your username at (If you don’t mention Your username, You’ll risk to receive a very late response. It’s the proof that You purchased our item )

We always try our best to help our beloved customers with small custom mods, but in case they take a long time and more efforts than editing a couple of php or css lines, we would recommend hiring an independent developer to help you with the task. or simply post it as a request at

– Presales questions don’t have to go through the steps above! Email any question. anytime.

– VIP* customers receive unlimited and prompt support by email.

*: VIP customers are the ones they bought more than 3 of our products. Our replies are always fast, since 87% of our clients are VIP.

  • 1.2.7 => October 15th, 2017
    -Fixed minor css issues
    -Added the city name on all the job listings parts.(optional)
  • 1.2.6 => April 30th,2017
    -Fixed home page map bug
    -Fixed Slider bug
    -Fixed Companies logo carrousel bug
    -Fixed Single job map overlaying the layout (jobroller issue)
    -Minor css bugs fixes
  • 1.2.5 => November 20th,2016
    -Fixed login template
    -Added indeed jobs to the mixed home page layout
  • 1.2.4 => September 15th,2016
    – Added search bar to all the pages’ headers
  • 1.2.3 => August 25th,2016
    -Fixed slight responsiveness bugs
    -Fixed submit job form map issue
    -Fixed other little css bugs
  • 1.2.2 => August 18th,2016
    -Fixed Fxtender compatibility issues
  • 1.2.1 => August 10th,2016
    -Fixed css minor issues
    -Fixed browse by nav collapsing twice
  • 1.2 => July 22th, 2016
    -Fixed minor css bugs
    -Fixed drop down categories issue
    -Fixed advertising loop thumbnail
    -Added titles and sub title to blog section (home page columns/Categories layout)
    -Added appthemes updater ID
  • 1.1 => June 27th, 2016
    -Fixed minor css issues
    -Fixed home default layout issue
    -Fixed responsiveness issue
    -Fixed featured jobs slider slight bug
  • 1.0 => June,2016
    -First release

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 Comments (359)

  • author

    If you can send ftp access by email as well so i can login and get the plugin and see what’s exactly missing and fix it . And in case I cannot fix it for a way or another like if my theme would be conflicting more with its own framework .so I will tell you .
    I believe there was a lisunderstanding since the beginning . Forgive if I sounded insulting or giving any bad feeling .
    Best regards

  • pcrgdaddy

    Hello Spartac

    Thanks for getting back to me

    I have e sent across via email admin access for both sites.

    That would be much appreciated if you could look into this for me,

    Let’s forget about the misunderstanding and move forward in hopefully having a better relationship in the future 🙂

    I do not expect you to come back to me straight away I know your very busy, Please do not feel you have to do this to please me in any way, As long as I know you have this under control and will come back to me soon that’s good enough for me 🙂

    Go fecth works totally perfect with Layout 2, Just seems to conflict with social icons on Layout 1 🙁


  • aj2703

    Please email me R

  • pcrgdaddy

    Hello Spartac

    I have sent across FTP access for both sites 🙂


  • Alex


    I did not receive a response from the email I sent. I just need a simple answer.

    I ask for a little more attention.

    Thank you!

  • cilldara

    Hi, I just had another look this morning and i can view the demo on my computer or the mobile version. Got my dad to test on his computer and it also comes up blank. Really looking for a nice mobile friendy theme for jobroller.

    • author

      Hi cilldara,
      could you please check out this link and tell me if you see it or not !
      Best regards

      • cilldara

        Ok i still really like your jobroller and think i want to keep it but noticed your jobroller demo looks way nicer on a mobile then my page. Are you using a mobile friendly plugin as mine site looks huge compared to your demo.

        • author

          Hi clilldara,
          No we don’t use any plugin for the mobile view.It comes out of the box that way.
          Best regards

          • cilldara

            Ok please view my website on a mobile. Its large and looks terrible. I just inactivated all plugins and tested to see if any where at fault but it still looks funny. How do i make mine look the same as yours on the mobile?

          • author

            Hi cilldara,
            You don’t need to do anythink, You are using our Jobright child theme,I will create a ticket for my dev team to enhance its responsiveness and view on mobile and small devices.
            if you havent upgraded jobright for so long, I’d as you to do it or you can purchase joby theme ( this one) and I help you with all the setup. You’ll lose nothing, no jobs, or pages or anything. I do all the setup for you.

            Best regards

  • author

    Hi cilldara.
    Do you confirm that you cannot see the demos ? Even using this link
    Please reply to me so I can fix it.perhaps we are going through hosting issues…!!!!

    cilldara likes this.
  • aj2703

    Working fine for me on Chrome and IE…

  • Gabriela

    Hello Spartac

      Suggestion for the next update.

    For the field how to send the curriculum as mandatory.

    Insert a report button next to the print buttons and print.


    Thank you

    • author

      Thanks Gabriela for the suggestions.
      I think there is an option for the ” how to apply” within jobroller settings.
      -I think we can add the report button 🙂

  • Gabriela

    Hi Spartac,


    There is a button to apply yes. But I do not want that. I would like it to be mandatory to fill in the space to inform e-mail. Usually companies fill in the description and not in the correct location.

    • author

      Hi Gabriela,
      There is no option to remove the apply button.
      The companies will get the applications right into their emails which they use to register on your website. either they fill it on the form or not.
      there is no option for companies to change that email.(it’s done this way on jobroller framework)
      Best regards

  • Gabriela


    I’m saying a button to report malicious job ads. 😉

    • author

      There is no such option either on jobroller or joby theme, but I will see perhaps I can find a free wp plugin that can be embeded there.
      Try to use a cache plugin and speed up plugins. and deactivate the not-wanted plugins

      Anonymous likes this.
  • Gabriela

    Hi Spartac,

    Would you have suggestions to increase the speed of the joby theme?

    I do speed tests and need to improve their loading.

  • paul

    Hi Spartac,

    can you please send me the changelock of version 1.2.6.
    Thank you!
    best regards

    aj2703 likes this.
  • aj2703

    1.2.6 => April 30th,2017
    -Fixed home page map bug
    -Fixed Slider bug
    -Fixed Companies logo carrousel bug
    -Fixed Single job map overlaying the layout (jobroller issue)
    -Minor css bugs fixes

    It’s at the top of this page 🙂

  • Alex Tavares


    I can not access my control panel.

    It displays the message: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

    • author

      Hi Alex,
      what did you do recently?
      updated wordpress.?
      try to login by ftp and rename the theme folder of joby to deactivate it and you try to login again.
      I think this is nothing to do with joby theme or even jobroller.
      If you remember what you did recently, so we can help you to resolve it.

  • Alex


    I got it sorted out. But thanks for looking for help.

    I have a doubt. How do I transfer jobs and resumes to another site in Jobroller / Joby?

    • author

      Hi Alex
      I am soeey for the late reply.
      go to wp admin then to tools =>export=> export all the data .then go to the other website which has jobroller and joby installed and activated.. go to tools then import data .thats all.

  • Gabriela

    It is necessary to improve the position of the ads (banners) for Mobile.

    On the mobile, the ads stay after the jobs and filter, far from the interesting content. (Almost in the footer)

  • Gabriela

    Mobile footer ads stay below the filter and stay below see more jobs.

    Check out the smartphone please.


    Thank you

  • Martin L. Diaz, Jr.

    We were told a month ago, and many months before this, that the issues we’ve been encountering with Joby would be addressed. We continue to have issues with the Typography- it doesn’t work. Are you going to fix this issue? If not, we’d like our money back… its been over 6 months, and nothing has been accomplished by your guys. help please.

    • author

      Hi Martin,
      The typography issue was fixed weeks ago, we were pointing up some instructions about how to use it. because few fonts/texts shouldn’t be changed on the wrong way.
      As I remember, all the other issues had been fixed months ago, and I personnaly emailed you the reports.if I am missing Something, let me know.
      The typography and other enhancements were on the top of our priorities of this month.but other stuff happened with the other themes that cut out our tech resources on joby’s tasks.we are all back now.
      I will refine what we have in hands and shoot it to the Marketplace as a new update.
      We are sorry one more time for keeping you waiting for that one.
      Best regards

      • Martin L. Diaz, Jr.

        thank you for your response Spartac. Really appreciate it. Yes, all the previous problems we had were fixed with your help. thanks. The typography issue, however, is still an issue for us. For as much as we changed and modified fonts in our joby site, nothing changes; all that we can change is the size of fonts in each section. We’ve had to switch off the “Use Custom Font” to let our Joby site to allow its fonts fit correctly, but it’s not the fonts we want. So please tell us, when will the instructions be available? Will the overall new update be ready to go soon? We really need this fix. Let us know as soon as possible. THANKS!!!

      • Martin L. Diaz, Jr.

        What is the status on our situation? Our Fonts still do not work. When is the estimated date for the update?

        • Martin L. Diaz, Jr.

          hello Spartac,
          I received your email a few weeks ago about a font fix. However, I’ve not seen any progress. We’re still stuck.

  • jacinta

    in regards to the Joby theme. Do you need any other plugins to get the map locations to work and the mobile layout the same as your demo site?

  • saedismail

    Hello I need support,
    Is there any one to ask a question.

    • author

      Hi Said,
      Sorry for the delay to reply yOu.
      can you send your question by email.
      @martin, we are going to pack it up and send it over.We have changed quite lot of things in this version.
      Best regards

      Anonymous likes this.
  • saed Ismail Hashi

    Please I have a problem.
    Saed Ismail HM
    10:17 AM (6 hours ago)

    to AppThemes
    First Of all thank you so much.

    But I have difficulty:

    1. for job seeker to submit its resume.
    2. the location is not working to find the location.

    I need quick support.

    • author

      Hi saed,
      Can you send url of your website + admin access by email to support @ jobthemes .com ?

    • author

      Hi Said,
      You should have sent it to support @, instead of appthemes.
      can you send url + admin access by email to us?
      for the location , it must be the api key missing on your jobroller settings.
      Reach out with us by email, we will help You immediately.

  • author

    Hi Don,
    can you post a screnshot of how you see it?
    if it’s stretched, we can easily fix that by editing one line of code.

  • Gabriela

    Hi Spartac!

    I wonder why they do not respond to emails?

    Send here and in the email the problem of position of the ads.

    In the mobile version everything is down, concentrated.

    • author

      Hi Gabriela,
      Due to summer holidays which ends the next week, we have less support agents to reply all the emails at once.
      could you please just make a forward to your email concerned the mobile issue? i will reply it immediately.
      Sorry for all this.
      Best regards

  • jacklockyer

    Hi Spartac,

    I have been trying to reach support since sunday (I have sent three separate emails with no answer).

    There is a bug with my Joby website, meaning I cannot change any content that is on the website homepage – the changes are saved successfully in the wordpress CMS, but not reflected on the front-end.

    I do not have caching plugins etc. installed.

    Please reply as soon as possible!

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