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Jobsapp is a responsive premium JobRoller child theme , it comes with crafty design and featrures that will make your job board or blog truly stand out.
Its main peculiarity is to make from JobRoller an authoritative yet creative, professional and easy to navigate job listing website.
All this and more to make Jobsapp the perfect choice for HR professionals, Agencies, companies, bloggers and niches’ hunters that they are looking to market themselves and rise above competition. and yep.. make money!

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Clean Design |
The Design is Fresh & Clean, You will simply love it!

Fully responsive | Jobsapp is 100% responsive, each and every element including the awesome slider are fully responsive.

Full package | Works out of the box – just install the theme on Your Jobroller theme, activate and you are ready.

Preset color schemes | 6 predefined skins, switch the look and feel of your website through the theme options.

Theme options panel | With the advanced styling customization features, you can create endless possibilities by changing navigation styles, backgrounds for each section(header,sections, footer,etc..) with colors,images or patterns.

Unlimited styles | Make your website truly yours – change the color and font of any element. Jobsapp comes with integrated Google Fonts – you can choose from over unlimited of varieties.

Custom backgrounds | Customize the background of the website – you can choose between a solid color fill, a repeating texture, or a background image. You control the look of your web site.

Patterns ready | Wide choice of custom textures included in the theme package.

Home page layouts [NEW] | Choose from 2 custom home page layouts,either Including the tabs and sidebars, or make it simple like the default order of jobroller theme.

Revolution Slider [NEW] | The most advanced responsive slider with powerful options panel is now included in Jobsapp with a one click install.

Advertising module [NEW] | We create themes that create business. Jobsapp includes an advertising module to monetize your site.

Full width template | You can set any page to be full width (without sidebar).

Cross Browser Compatible | We’ve tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the modern web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Compatible with Jobroller 1.8 | Jobsapp is completely compatible with the functions of JR18.

Dedicated support | We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.
We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

Suggestions and Feedback | Our best ideas come from your suggestions so we take feedback seriously. If you have an idea or want to make a suggestion please let us know.

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Using WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to appearance => themes
  2. Install new theme
  3. Select the Jobsapp zip and upload it
  4. Activate the theme

Using FTP:

  1. Extract the Jobsapp zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate the theme in WordPress admin =>Appearance
  3. Your Jobsapp now is installed and ready for use.

Note: After activating the theme, a sub menu would be created for the theme options.

We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.

We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

We respond to customers’ questions and provide a limited support only by email.

Support covers:

  • Pre-sales questions.
  • Responding to questions or issues regarding the item and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions (appthemes and wordpress..).

Item support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services.
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins.

If you are facing a suspected issue, before you ask your question, make sure:

  • You read the docs and/or readme.txt file and that You browsed all the options of the parent theme .
  • Activate a clean install of the parent theme and test again
  • Deactivate all plugins and test again
  • Clean the cached files and data if you use any cache, security, speedup plug-ins or a server cache system. Then try again.
  • Browse the for relevant answers.
  • Do not post issues’ questions in the comments section. It’s for comments and presales questions only.

If any of the previous steps didn’t work, email us by explaining the issue or question mentioning your username at (If you don’t mention Your username, You’ll risk to receive a very late response. It’s the proof that You purchased our item )

We always try our best to help our beloved customers with small custom mods, but in case they take a long time and more efforts than editing a couple of php or css lines, we would recommend hiring an independent developer to help you with the task. or simply post it as a request at

– Presales questions don’t have to go through the steps above! Email any question. anytime.

– VIP* customers receive unlimited and prompt support by email.

*: VIP customers are the ones they bought more than 3 of our products. Our replies are always fast, since 87% of our clients are VIP.

2.4.2 => 074/20/2015
/* Fixed submit job map issue

2.4.1 => 06/26/2015
/* Fixed map issue

2.4 => 05/23/2015
/* Compatible with Jobroller 1.8
// See full changelog of jobroller

2.3 => 03/18/2015
/* Fixed main search bug

V 2.2.5 * 11/04/2014 =
/* Compatible with Jobroller 1.7.5 // See full changelog of jobroller

V 2.2.4 * 09/04/2014 =
– Revolution slider updated

V 2.2.3 * 04/05/2014 =
– Compatible with Jobroller 1.7.3
– Fixed print.css
– Fixed minor css issues.

V 2.2.2 * 24/04/2014 =
– Fixed minor css issues.

V 2.2.1 * 21/04/2014 =
– Fixed responsiveness.

V 2.2 * 20/12/2013 =
– Revolution slider has been included.
– Drop-down menu added.
– Custom header background.
– Fixed css bugs.
V 2.1 * 15/08/2013 =
– Location custom taxonomy : added.
– Header landing area : added.
– Responsiveness : added.
– Compatible with Jobroller 1.7.1.
– More improvements and minor fixes.

8 reviews of “Jobsapp Job board

5 stars
Incredible JobRoller Child Theme!
By -

I just purchased Jobapps and can’t believe how glad I am that I did. This adds so many needed options to JobRoller that I think Appthemes should consider making Jobapps the new standard version of JobRoller instead of their current off the shelf version. Jobapps transforms JobRoller into a much more professional looking job board and adds all the needed functionality and custom design capability that makes this theme awesome. As noted by others, support is simply 5 stars. I had a small issue and Spartac resolved it in minutes. This is definitely one of the best theme purchases I’ve made.

spartac likes this.
5 stars
Awesome child theme!!
By -

new to wordpress sites, this child theme was very easy to set up and use and the support is fantastic!! Definitely recommend spartac products.

spartac likes this.
5 stars
Another Fantastic Theme!
By -

I like to keep my website looking fresh and this is the 3rd theme I have bought from the same developer. The themes just get better and better and the Jobsapp theme is fantastic!

Keep up the good work :)

2 people like this.
5 stars
By -

I have purchased nearly every theme out there and can say hands down that this is the best one available. It has everything you could want and plenty of room for customization. The new site looks great and the support blew me away. I literally posted a question on a Sunday night and had my answer by Monday morning. I just knew that I would be waiting at least a couple days for an answer. Thanks for a great product and even better support.

Check out site using new jobsapp, see the difference by checking out one of our other sites using the jobroller standard theme.

Thanks again,


spartac likes this.
5 stars
Many thanks
By -

Very easy childtheme to set up and many choices of layout. In few minutes was done and when I had some questions the assistance was there!

Thanks again.

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
Best Theme with great support!
By -

The theme is dynamic and support is Great. 5 star rate.

spartac likes this.
5 stars
well done
By -

Hi Spartac,
your theme is awesome and clearly
Jobsapp Child Theme is highly recommended.
also help in the forum is great.
your work is truly exemplary.

I’m glad that I bought that Childtheme Jobsapp
keep it up

spartac likes this.
5 stars
Best Theme Made for Job Roller
By -

Please feel free to view my site as an example of what you can create when buying this theme.

This theme has let me have so may choices and lets me personalize my site better than ever.
Just had my site up with my new theme for a few hours and already more people are posting jobs on it!

Employers have more trust to post on here if your site looks like the real deal!

I also have a feedback tool on and the comments on it are great!

There is still more for me to do and improve on the days ahead and i can’t wait so glad i got this theme worth every cent!

spartac likes this.
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(Just bought it? Log out and back in to enable reviews.)

 Comments (285)

  • justaddcash

    Hi, I recently purchased JobsApp. I like it but I have a few questions to help me complete the setup:

    1 – how do I enable the Home Setting (buttons)? I’ve tried and its not showing up. I have added a title name and selected the ‘click area’ but nothing displays?
    2 – the favicon is not displying either (32×32 png)
    3 – the homepage logo disappears after sometime


  • reshma1478

    is this theme comes with careerjet plugin???

  • jobole31

    how can we redirect job visitor to indeed employer website rather than on indeed website?

    • author

      Hi Jobole31,
      The indeed integration is a part of jobroller theme, not jobsapp.
      You can go to jobroller dashboard => integration => select ” employer ” instead of all the job listings and save settings

  • dave2015

    HI, I am planning to buy a child theme for Jobroller. I’d like to know if, on Jobbsapp’s home page, the admin allows you to delete the whole area with pictures and the text beside, by keeping the job researcher (with three cases, job and location and radius) just above, on the screen ? And can you introduce the slider just under this job researcher ?


    • author

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you for willing to purchase our theme.
      answering your questions: yes, you can disable that area.
      and yes you can display the slider under that area.

  • jobole31

    yes u can.

    for further assistance i shall help you.

    mail me on

  • jobole31


    my website is showing only this weeks job.

    i want to show job entire month

    • author

      Hi Jobole31,
      can you post your url?
      Also , did you try to activate jobroller theme to see how it works on it

  • mllerena

    Hi there, the tab “jobs by location” is not displaying any jobs. Any idea what the problem is?
    By the way, is this child theme being support it via the forums? or not anymore?


    • author

      Hi Mike,
      email the admin access + remove the cache plugin, DELETE it not just deactivate it, you’ll get it resolved

    • author

      Hi Jobole31 : is it still not working?
      can you email an admin access so I can see ?
      email it to support @

  • Menezes

    Good evening, from what I read in the comments you have another theme (Jobroller) installed. That’s it?
    I want to buy her but I’ll have to buy some something else to do all the functions of your theme jobapp work? Ess etema nobroller is paid? Where to find? I download, installed jobroller and then install the jobaspp?

    He is in Portuguese?

    Psoso colcoar Adsense ads in the middle of the posts as well?

    Thank you and I look to buy

  • mllerena

    Hi there, I continue to have problems displaying jobs by location, even I after I added more than 50+ locations in Jobroller. What could it be the problem? Site


    • author

      Hi Mike,
      edit the jobs and assign them to the location you want, adding locations will not show them as they are empty. add jobs to these locations then save the jobs again, so the locations’ list will appear

      Anonymous likes this.
  • mllerena

    Hi there, can I display a MapSupreme (map) in the Job by Location TAB ? In stead of a list of locations.

    • author

      contact the plugin’s author and ask him if you can copy a function ( line of code) into the theme’s files.
      if yes, so copy them into the home-tabs.php

      2 people like this.
  • Menezes

    Good morning , I installed jobroller but When I install JObApp , a Message Appears below :

    The unzip the package …

    The Install the skin …

    This theme hum father topic Need . The check if it is installed …

    The parent theme was NOT found. MUST Install father theme jobroller before you can use this topic.

    Successfully installed theme .

    Return to the topics page

    Some of ITS translations need to be updated. Please wait a few seconds while we upgrade also.

    Update translations as a paragraph WordPress ( pt_PT ) …

    Translation updated with success .

    Jobsapp The main theme is missing. Please install the main theme ” jobroller ” .

    ( But there was already installed JobRoller And Then I installed Jobaspp As Oriented for you)

    Help-me please

    • author

      you login by ftp and check out if jobroller theme is named jobroller , if not, rename it jobroller it will work properly .

  • Menezes

    Please see as it was ( done all you sent me to do to install ) :

  • Menezes

    Where to click to translate the theme into Portuguese ?

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