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JobRight is a premium child theme for Jobroller.
Transform your WordPress web site into a fully functional professional job board with a good looking interface.
Jobright is a super awesome JobRoller child theme. It’s got a very clean, sleek, and modern design.
It’s perfect to create a unique Job board.

Key Features:

  • professional & Clean design.
  • Fixed and centered width.
  • Home page advertising banner logos areas are widgetised.
  • Search bar widget (no plugin required).
  • Banner slider (no plugin required).
  • 8 Advertising spots (logos) widgeted in the home page.
  • Pagination with numbers instead of next/previous page.
  • Styled menu managed from the custom menus of wordpress.
  • Sophisticated top drop-down menu with some intelligent functions to ease navigation to the dashboard and profile.
  • Designed search engine (radius ,inputs and button).
  • Job types labels designed to fit the elegant look of the theme.
  • Job listing excerpt.
  • Sub-menus enabled.
  • Job listers’ logos added to the job listings.(new)
  • Share the job to facebook.(integrated in the job listing blocks)
  • Footer designed with 3 areas (widgets.)
  • Full-width (no sidebar) page template created.
  • Cufon fonts Integrated.
  • All the website is same look and feel.
  • 5 Color schemes to fit all tastes.
  • It supports all Jobroller features and functions..
  • Multi-Language support.

If you need support, feel free to contact us at, or use the AppThemes support forums.

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  1. Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/themes/
  2. Activate the theme in Wordpress admin =>Appearance
  3. Your Jobright now is installed and ready for use.

Note: After activating Jobright, a sub menu would be created for the images slider in the header. through this panel, You can control/add/delete/change the images in the slider. (the slider support excerpt).


We take huge pride in our customer support and how it has differentiated us from the competition.

We have a support team located 3 countries in just about every time zone and try our hardest to ensure support responses within 24 hours.

We respond to customers’ questions and provide a limited support only by email.

Support covers:

  • Pre-sales questions.
  • Responding to questions or issues regarding the item and its features.
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues.
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions (appthemes and wordpress..).

Item support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services.
  • Support for third party software and plug-ins.

If you are facing a suspected issue, before you ask your question, make sure:

  • You read the docs and/or readme.txt file and that You browsed all the options of the parent theme .
  • Activate a clean install of the parent theme and test again
  • Deactivate all plugins and test again
  • Clean the cached files and data if you use any cache, security, speedup plug-ins or a server cache system. Then try again.
  • Browse the for relevant answers.
  • Do not post issues’ questions in the comments section. It’s for comments and presales questions only.

If any of the previous steps didn’t work, email us by explaining the issue or question mentioning your username at (If you don’t mention Your username, You’ll risk to receive a very late response. It’s the proof that You purchased our item )

We always try our best to help our beloved customers with small custom mods, but in case they take a long time and more efforts than editing a couple of php or css lines, we would recommend hiring an independent developer to help you with the task. or simply post it as a request at

– Presales questions don’t have to go through the steps above! Email any question. anytime.

– VIP* customers receive unlimited and prompt support by email.

*: VIP customers are the ones they bought more than 3 of our products. Our replies are always fast, since 87% of our clients are VIP.

Note 1: After activating Jobright, a sub menu would be created for the images slider in the header. Through this panel, You can control/add/delete/change the images in the slider.

The slider support excerpt option which enhanced with WYSIWYG function to change the style of the text.

Note 2: The theme creates new widgets, such as the search engine in sidebar, the logos in the banner,.. To use them, Just go to appearance =>widgets => Drag and drop the new widgets in the appropriate sidebars.

V1.7*  20/05/2015
– Update the theme to be compatible with JR 1.8
– Read changelog.txt of Jobroller 1.8
1.6.5* 28/01/2015

– Added sub menus to primary navigation

V 1.6.1* 15/01/2015 =
– Fixed pagination in dashboard


V 1.6 * 05/11/2014 =
– Compatible with Jobroller 1.7.5
– Fixed print.css
– Fixed minor css issues.


V 1.5 * 05/04/2014 =
– Compatible with Jobroller 1.7.4
– Fixed print.css
– Fixed minor css issues.

5 reviews of “Jobright

5 stars
Best Jobroller Child Theme so far
By -

We love it – works well and it is fast.
The support is great as well. The best child theme I purchased so far for Jobroller.

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5 stars
would like to get a clear step by step guide to install & customer jobright theme
By -

would like to get a clear step by step guide to install & customer jobright theme, could you please give me any pdf document, or video or any other which can able to download & can read & can proceed… thank you,
hopefully waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

spartac likes this.
5 stars
Great theme!
By -

Great theme, fun to work with and a great support community.

Anonymous likes this.
5 stars
Highly recommend Jobright.
By -

Jobright is an awesome child theme to give that different look to Job roller, it gives you different style and colour options and support is helpful and fast to respond if you need it, Highly recommended.

spartac likes this.
5 stars
Outstanding Child Theme, Outstanding Support
By -

Just got to say that this theme is awesome! It has lots of flexibility and works great and looks great. Spartac, the author gives the best support that I’ve ever received in the industry. Because of the support, it’s definitely a top contender not to overlook.

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 Comments (210)

  • enrique_traun

    Hi Spartac,

    few more weeks are gone – any news in that case?


  • enrique_traun

    October is coming – still no news in behalf of ver. 2.0 ?
    is that child theme dead?

  • Silva

    Still waiting since jannuary

  • Silva

    Hi Spartac.

    Any news about this?

  • Silva

    Sorry to bother but, any update on this?

  • Silva

    Hi Spartac. Any news on this or Jobright 2.0 ? It would be great to have a new theme blog+job style like this one in the start of 2019. Been waiting for 3 years now and 1 year after the promisses of a stable version of a all new version.

  • Silva

    Is this compatible with Jobroller 1.9.0 ?

  • Silva

    5 years have passed since last update Spartak. Is this still compatible with latest jobroller/WP versions? So much have changed at structure and DB level that 5 years is quite a lot do risk having many deprecated functions

    • author

      Hi Silva,
      I am sorry to say that but jobright was created like 8 years ago, for jobrollerr 1.5 and 1.6,
      We will update it since we satarted but just to say, jobright received no single new user for the last 5 years, we rather give it for free and give away the update for old customers.


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