Following on from our highly successful Prima Child Theme, our Advantage child theme for Vantage incorporates many of the successful features of Prima – particularly when it comes to the visual aesthetics. Advantage is a Vantage child theme that transforms the default Vantage style (by AppThemes) to an exquisite, professional WordPress business directory theme.

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Advantage is currently on version 1.1 and has been tested to work on Vantage version 1.0.1 In Addition, you will also need to the following:


Installation & Support

Installing it is a simple process and can be done through the WordPress admin panel. Simply click on Appearances » Themes » Add New » Upload and you’re all set. In the event that you require further support, please visit our dedicated support website or contact us at

Please visit the dedicated support forum.
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 Comments (5)

  • emasanl

    When will the current bugs be solved that came with the new vantage update?

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    • Tiny Giant Studios

      The latest version has just been pushed out and should iron out all the known issues. The demo website has been updated to run off of Vantage 1.1.1, if you want to have a look 🙂

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  • manilaboy

    Do you have plans to offer an AirBnB child theme for vantage and classipress? Will it be responsive?

  • author

    Hi Manilaboy,

    An AirBNB-like theme will have more functionality that what Classipress / Vantage has to offer at the moment, which means it’s likely ‘n huge customisation job.

    With that being said, we haven’t got any plans for that at the moment. Your best bet would be get in touch with AppThemes themselves to see if it’s something they’ll consider. I can’t see those kind of themes coming from a childthemer – but that’s just me and I might be wrong.

    • Michael

      Thank you for this info. How about just the looks and design and not the features of AirBnB? Can you make a child theme for classipress and vantage? Please email me as well. I would like to send you more info about a custom work request.

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